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Have a Diet Plan: Include a Burger on the List

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Vegetarian DietA recent research said that people’s cravings for high fat and high sugar foods are due to a genetic variant. This is the reason that even if you’re on a diet, fast food and junk foods are irresistible. And one of the hardest to resist are burgers.

Every diet plan has a cheat day to give you a chance to let off steam, which means a burger or two will not ruin it. Find out how you can include a burger in your diet plan without adding too much calories.

Fit That Burger on the Plan

A regular diet plan requires an intake of 500 calories a day, and an average single-patty burger from a fast food restaurant has about 260 calories, which means you will limit the high-fat foods you will eat for the rest of the day. Replace the burger’s cheese and bacon with healthier toppings like pickles, tomatoes or avocado. Also, it is better to steer clear of fries and shakes as they could add a total of 330 calories on top of the burger.

For a fuller meal, add healthy side dishes, like a baked potato and tossed vegetable salad without the dressing. They will only give you about 35 calories and additional vitamins. If you still want some sauce, have it on the side so you can control how much you will put in. Every time you will have a burger meal, advises to look for the nutritional information of the food and pay attention to portion sizes, hidden sugars, toppings and side dishes.

A Healthier Cheat Day

If you are on a strict diet, you can make your own healthy version of burger at home. Begin by replacing a regular burger bun with whole-wheat bread and you will be saving up to 120 calories. For the patty, you will slash about 230 calories with grilled 4-ounce lean beef or turkey meat. You can also make burger patties that are vegetarian-friendly, look around for a recipe or make one according to your preference.

Sauces and condiments also contribute to caloric intake. To add flavour to your burger, you can use fresh lettuce, tomato and onions.

If you think you went over the number of calories you should only take, you can make up for it with an extra exercise like adding another 15-30 minutes on your daily jog or eating a little less for a day or two. Just remember to not turn your burger cheat day into a habit.

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