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Farm Barn

Hay Day Lesson #3: Farm Shed Types and Uses

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Farm BarnFarm sheds are an inextricable part of any farm infrastructure. They are available in a large range of sizes and designs, each with its unique purpose of storing grain, farm equipment, and tools. They even give shelter to cattle, sheep, and poultry.

A large farm shed is either an enclosed bay and comes with sliding doors or a carport for the larger sheds.

ABC Sheds discusses several common types of farm sheds below.
1. Open Farm Shed

The most basic type is an open farm shed, which comes with an enclosed bay, and refers to a generic type of shed where at least one side is open and without a wall or door. An example of an open shed is a hay shed, storage for hay or cattle fodder.

Such sheds come in handy for domestic use. A farmer can convert them as a garage for trucks, house farm animals, or other uses.

2. Rural Shed

Rural Sheds store expensive plant machinery or hay and come with a half enclosed bay. These usually consist of galvanised sheets of steel, thus providing adequate durability and strength. These are ideal for hay and assorted grain storage, protecting them from harsh weather conditions.

3. Equine Shed

Equine sheds house pack animals or beasts of burden, and serve as paddock shelters, stables and stalls. These sheds typically use commercial steel, and can sometimes doubles as effective garages. Large equine sheds can have refurbishment to become riding arenas.

Numerous websites offer several designs and any shed that meets your requirements. Domestic sheds are durable, economical and strong, manufactured to withstand the vagaries of the weather. You can use these to store farm equipment, tools, and even boats if the farm has a water body in it. As each type of shed fulfils a different requirement, choose one that you feel suits yours.

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