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girl at metro rail transit wearing facemask

Helpful and Lucrative Pandemic Business Ideas to Launch in 2021

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While it’s true that the COVID-19 crisis has caused a setback to many, it has also opened up a host of business opportunities that didn’t exist before. And many of these opportunities require very little capital or investment, too. There are many potentially lucrative business ideas and opportunities we can explore while we wait out the pandemic. Here are some pandemic-related business ideas to consider in 2021.

Curated beauty, skincare, and self-care kits

We live in the age of wellness, and the COVID-19 crisis heightened this trend even further. With so many people unable to leave their homes, there might be a market for consumers who want to switch up their beauty routines without having to go to the drug store to try new products.

Consider starting a beauty box business where you curate sample beauty, skincare, and self-care products, place them in a box and send them to consumers who can choose between different product tiers. You could play with their specific needs: A kit for those suffering from dry skin, oily skin, and normal skin, and the number of products will depend on the price tier they choose. You can eventually expand to makeup and hair care. It’s a great way to cater to beauty enthusiasts who want to try new beauty products but don’t want to risk going to the mall or the drug store.

Masks and neck gaiters

Another business idea that didn’t exist pre-pandemic are masks and neck gaiters. If you have a knack for sewing, consider exploring the idea of selling cloth masks and neck gaiters through online platforms. Even with vaccines being rolled out globally, experts say that we still need to wear masks because while we know that the vaccines are good at preventing serious and severe COVID-19 symptoms, it’s still relatively unknown how said vaccines will be able to curb the spread of the virus. It’s a safe bet that people will need masks as long as the virus is still around.

Cloth masks and neck gaiters are a good alternative to surgical ones because they are much kinder to the environment. While they’re not recommended for healthcare workers, they’re good enough for people in community settings. Just make sure the masks and gaiters you create have the following features:

  • Multi-layered (at least three layers)
  • Designed to fit properly around the face
  • Water-resistant

zoom meeting

Zoom background styling

If you have a knack for interior design or what makes a space look good, consider starting a background styling business. Because not everyone has an eye for what makes a space aesthetically-pleasing, many people might need help turning their spaces into corners that they would be proud to show off during Zoom calls. You can help interview clients and understand their jobs, personalities, and what they want to convey to the people they talk to. And from there, you can come up with a curated box filled with items they can incorporate into their space so that it’s visually-appealing enough that they can be confident about having video conferences in that space.

Handcrafted products

One of the reasons so many people shy away from the idea of selling handcrafted items is because they think their works are not good enough to be sold. But the truth is, with enough practice, any skill can be perfected. Here are some handcrafted products that only require practice to master:

  • Macrame, which is the art of using knotting techniques to create some form of textile. They can create wall hangings, dreamcatchers, belts, and other pretty but still useful items. This is the kind of art form that doesn’t entail you learning how to draw, paint, or sculpt—you only need to learn proper knotting techniques, and voila! You can have gorgeous and bohemian-inspired pieces that you can sell on Etsy and other platforms.
  • Beadwork and jewelry-making also require very little practice and capital. You only need to stay updated on jewelry trends and come up with new ideas to make your pieces stand out. Since crystal therapy is all the rage lately, consider incorporating it into your marketing as well.
  • Selling art prints can also be a great way to provide homeowners with new pieces to re-invigorate their spaces. Consider partnering with a graphic illustrator or calligrapher to come up with new designs.

Perhaps the only upside of the pandemic is that there are plenty of new opportunities to create another income stream. Look around you and see what needs you can help meet. With enough observation and creativity, you might be able to start a business that can help people and make them smile during the pandemic.

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