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What Homeowners Need to Know Before a Bathroom Remodel

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One of the rooms homeowners love to renovate is the bathroom. What used to be a place for cleaning and private business is now a space for self-care and peace. We now use the bathroom to make it a safe place, have time for self-love, and unwind. A bathroom renovation can also help boost your home’s value which makes a bathroom renovation a worthy investment for homeowners.

But before you go planning your next bathroom renovation, know that there are many factors you ought to know before making the investment. This goes beyond planning your budget. Here’s what you must not forget when it comes to your bathroom renovation.

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Think Twice Before Replacing Your Tiles

Are your bathroom floors dingy, or are there any signs of water damage? Can you see gaps or cracks in the caulk? Or maybe you don’t like the appearance of your grout?

Before investing in a bathroom tile replacement, consider a maintenance job first. One mistake homeowners make is to decide on a tile replacement at once. Why pay for a costly tile replacement and installation service when you can still salvage your old floor with mold remediation, grout repair and maintenance, or replacing cracked or damaged tiles?

The easy way out is not always a complete bathroom floor renovation. You can save money and enjoy the very reason why you chose your tiles in the first place by asking an expert if they can still salvage your old tiles. Know that some contractors can help you source even rare tile styles, thanks to their connections.

Don’t Forget About Ventilation

Many homeowners would go on renovating the bathroom without taking ventilation into consideration. Like any part of your home, the bathroom requires adequate ventilation. There are more reasons to invest in bathroom ventilation than to get rid of the space of nasty odors.

For one, ventilation ensures the indoor air quality inside the bathroom is good. The last thing you need is a bathroom space with polluted air filled with bacteria, viruses, and other disease-causing germs.

Remember that you also want to keep a comfortable and relaxed bathroom space you and your family can enjoy. With adequate ventilation, you can ensure your bathroom won’t feel too hot or stuffy. You can focus on doing your self-care routines without feeling uncomfortable in your own bath area.

Ventilation also ensures moisture will be drawn out in the bathroom. This, in turn, helps reduce the risk of mold and mildew formation. You can avoid nurturing such growth and ruin the beauty and air quality in the area.

Consider Different Types of Lighting

Many of us would consider task lighting to be good enough for a bathroom renovation. As long as there is enough light to cover the area, you are already making a good choice for your bathroom remodel. But what about the other tasks you are likely to engage in inside the bathroom?

Many of us use the bathroom to apply our skincare products and makeup. If you only have a single source of light in the bath, it will be hard to check if you manage to apply your products at the right places. It will be easier for you to handle such tasks if you have other sources of light guiding your eyes.

The same goes when setting the mood inside the bathroom. The bathtub could be your favorite place to unwind, listen to soft music, or watch your favorite shows after a long and tiring day. But if you can’t even dim your lights in the bathroom, the space would be a little too bright for your relaxation.

Consider mixing things up by adding different types of lighting in the bathroom. Include layers of light in certain areas of your bathroom. This way, you can personalize the space according to your will.

Save Money Using the Right Materials

Choosing bathroom materials simply because of aesthetics can be a costly mistake. You would want to make the best out of your investment by taking time to review the materials you will be using in your bathroom renovation. This way, you can avoid future regrets that can punch a hole in your wallet.

These days, it helps that you consider sustainability when choosing materials for your bathroom. The more sustainable the materials are, the better it is for your energy bill and the environment. Weigh the pros and cons of each material and see which sustainable option will best fit your requirements.

Don’t skip maintenance when choosing your materials. You might be able to afford the priciest materials for your bathroom renovation. But if you are unsure if you and your housemates can maintain the space, it is best to stick to low-maintenance options.

Renovating your bathroom can be an exciting feat. This is especially true if you can make the best decisions. Keep this list in mind, and you can avoid disastrous and costly bathroom renovation mistakes in the future.

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