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Hot Home Design Trends This Year

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Cool Home DesignHome design is a lot like fashion; the trends come and go. What was aesthetically pleasing a few years ago may not be as appealing now, thus, making room for new styles to take center stage. Embracing home design trends is not just about giving your home a style makeover; it’s also about enhancing its function by adopting a logical layout and adding practical features. What are the hot home design trends you can use to transform your place?


While available homes aren’t exactly new, it seems that they’re becoming more popular. With more homeowners working with companies such as Ascent Mobility, features such as ramps and lifts are becoming permanent fixtures in residential areas.

And, there are many good reasons to incorporate this design trend to any home. It’s not just beneficial for aging relatives and loved ones with disabilities; it also helps caregivers attend to their wards more easily. It won’t be a surprise if accessibility-focused designs become even more widespread around the world over the years.

Open Space Layout

Walls and dividers were stylish a few years back, but this year, trend watchers, builders and homeowners agree that the open space plan is the hot trend. Free spaces allow for a more laidback ambiance, letting residents move more freely and comfortably. They also make the home look less formal and uptight; that’s smart spacing and styling combined.

Décor and Color

The 2017 color of the year is an elegant shade of green, and it seems that interior designers think that this will go very well in bedroom and living room walls. Mixed patterns and textures are also a top decorating choice for homeowners who want the relaxed and comfortable feel in their rooms and spaces.

Expect to see more of these home design trends in neighborhoods and magazines this year. Maybe you’ll even want to embrace them, too.

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