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How Do Judges Set the Bail?

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Judge hammer and bail bondsBeing arrested is an inconvenience to everyone involved. It requires a long process that will determine whether you will end up being able to bail yourself out of jail or not.

How Does the Judge Set the Bail?

In this situation, bail services in Smithfield will come in handy, as it is the time when the judge determines how much the defendant has to pay before his release. The judge takes a handful of factors into account, including:

  • Standard Bail Schedules – There is a standard amount of bail for each crime, and this differs by jurisdiction. For the defendant to pay less than the required amount, he must make a plea before the judge.
  • Criminal Records – Those with extensive criminal records usually face higher bail amounts. If the judge finds out that the defendant has an unsettled warrant in another jurisdiction, he may choose to deny bail.
  • Flight Risk – It is also possible for judges to deny bail or set higher amounts for those caught on the run from the law before the case concludes.
  • A Danger to the Public – The defendant’s potential risk to himself and other people is considered by the court, as well, when it comes to setting bail.

Bail Algorithms

These factors are included in a bail algorithm – a response to those who think decisions about pretrial releases are subjective and unfair. These usually consider several factors, like giving separate scores for risk of breaking the law and the defendant failing to appear in court.

Since these algorithms differ in the factors considered, some of them are still criticized for not including aspects such as a history of drug abuse and employment status. But even with this issue, many have adopted this to their decision-making strategies when it comes to pretrial release.

It would be unfortunate to find yourself serving time, but hiring the right people makes it a lot easier. From lawyers to bail services, finding the right individuals can give you an easy solution during this difficult time.

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