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How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Home Sprinkler in the US?

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garden sprinklerA faulty sprinkler system at home may require you to spend an average of $232 in the U.S., although it may cost as low as $50 or up to $680.

If you are looking for home sprinkler repair in Utah, the cost may be different depending on factors such as the scope of work needed and the damage.

Common Sprinkler Issues

Utah Sprinkler notes that some common problems with home sprinkler systems include busted pipes, which happen during colder temperatures. Take note that failing to winterize your sprinklers will cost you more for repairs when they burst since you will also need the services of the plumber to fix the damages.

Other issues involve faulty spots on the sprinkler head that could be caused by blockage or an underground leak. Some problems with a sprinkler system’s timer can be fixed by reprogramming it. Otherwise, you will need a professional to repair the delivery box. While you are it, ask the repairman if you need to redesign the system.

Maintenance Work

Regular maintenance of your sprinkler system will ensure that you only have to call a professional to fix it when necessary. Your system should ideally have an efficient programmable controller, rain and soil moisture sensors. The latter two are useful to prevent the system from unnecessarily irrigating your lawn during the wet season.

This will save you money on your water and electric bills, aside from helping conserve resources. Those who are still thinking whether or not to install a sprinkler system should find out the size of their lawn. Be aware of any watering restrictions in your municipality to avoid fines or penalties.


The best way to know for sure how much you need to spend on sprinkler repairs is to contact a professional. This will take out any guesswork especially if you are working on a budget to solve the problem.

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