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How to Divorce a Narcissistic Spouse

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Woman needs to divorce a narcissisticHaving a spouse who’s a certified narcissist could be tough for anyone to handle. Add divorce to the mix and you could be in for the battle of your lifetime.

What Exactly is Narcissistic Personality Disorder

When a person has a narcissistic personality disorder, they have an overly exaggerated sense of importance, lacks empathy towards others, and seeks a deep need to be admired. However, behind the person’s facade of extreme self-confidence lies a delicate self-esteem that is immensely susceptible to the slightest reproach or criticism.

Narcissists are specialists at reworking reality to suit their particular needs and making other people agree with their beliefs and desires. They’re incapable of taking responsibility for their actions or seeing their imperfections because they do think that they’re perfect and are highly evolved than everyone else around them. If your spouse is a narcissist, you probably know that even the slightest hint of disbelief to his or her distorted version of things could turn into a full-blown fight that you can’t win, ever.

Getting a Divorce

Ending your marriage could be a problem, especially if you’ve been with your spouse for many years and if you have children together. As narcissists are masters of deceit and projection, you’ve probably been suffering from your spouse’s projection of their own negative and false truths your whole married life. This is an extremely challenging cycle to break because you probably believed or might still believe that you’re the one who’s broken and you’re the one with the mental issues.

Once you have finally decided to get divorced, you have to figure out your emotions and stop reacting to your spouse’s taunts since this would only empower them to push your buttons and make you feel that you’re in the wrong. It’s also critical to note that you need to be ready for your spouse’s reaction because you will be met with rage since they will believe that you’re essentially trying to take control of your relationship.

With this in mind, bear your and your children’s safety in mind. This is because your spouse might even see your children as the enemy and themselves as the victim, warns a number of prominent divorce lawyers in Albuquerque.

Remember that narcissists are only capable of looking after their own best interests. Before you do anything, seek guidance from an experienced lawyer to learn how you could safely go about your plan to divorce your narcissistic spouse.

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