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How to Protect your Back when you Shovel Snow

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Chiropractor in DenverWinter is coming, and with it, snow. While snow is great and all, you’ll also have to shovel it and this task is an easy way to injure yourself. And although you simply can’t let it sit in front of your house, it’s important that you protect yourself to avoid injury. Here are some expert tips.

  • Always warm up to avoid tearing your muscles. Focus on your arms, back, and hamstrings to get your blood pumping throughout your body. Make sure to thoroughly stretch your hamstrings since they’re the easiest muscles to pull and could put unwarranted stress on your lower back once agitated.
  • Your shovel should ideally have a curved handle so that you won’t have to bend forward when shovelling. Likewise, make sure that your shovel is the perfect size for your body. If the handle is too long, you’ll have to strain more when lifting a load since it will be too far from you.
  • Mobilize your legs while shoveling snow. Many people underestimate how heavy snow could be. If you only lift using your back and arms instead of using your knees and bending from your hips, you could injure your back.
  • Know when you should stop and rest. Once you feel sore or tight, stop and rest for a bit. Get someone else to help you or resume shoveling once you feel rested enough.
  • Don’t forget to heat up later, advises a well-known chiropractor in Denver. If you have tight or sore muscles after shoveling snow, make certain to apply heat to release tension.

In the event that you feel that pulled a muscle, feel a significant pain that persists after a few days or so after shoveling, or slipped and fell hard while shoveling, you should make an appointment with a chiropractor as soon as possible. It’s extremely easy to do severe damage, pull a muscle, or slip a disc without even realizing it, so seek professional help to prevent further injury.

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