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How Wall Colour Influences Your Disposition

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Man painting a wallSure, you can paint your walls with your favourite colour, but should you? Skilled interior painters in Wellington remind us that there is more to colour than meets the eye. For instance, did you know that warm colours — reds and oranges — make people feel warmer without any rise in temperature? So, while you may love yellow, it may not be the best colour if you live in a tropical climate of scorching summers.

Although there are no hard and fast rules and your aesthetic preference does matter, it would be helpful to know how colour affects moods and what behaviour it inspires.

1. Green. Business owners and organisation leaders, here is a useful tip: any visual association with nature has been found to stimulate creativity and broader thinking, making green an excellent wall colour for work spaces. In Robert Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotion, lighter shades of green are also linked to trust, acceptance, and admiration. You also have a good chance of encouraging team harmony when you go with green.

2. Red. This fiery colour is a powerful social stimulator, but experts say it may discourage thoughtful analysis. The colour red simply makes people feel more aggressive. An interesting tidbit: red sports cars do cost more and people are willing to pay the premium. The way red manipulates the mind has to do with instinctive warning signs of danger, like blood. But in social settings, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, particularly if your goal is to be bolder when meeting new people. A red-themed living room then creates an ideal environment for highly extroverted individuals. If you hope though to clear your head and just be calm at the end of the day, though, tranquil shades of blue with white and light brown should be your colours of choice.

3. Orange. In interior design, orange makes for a great accent colour because it instantly adds vibrancy and energy to a room. It is also the colour of creativity and enhances the imaginative processes. Know, however, that orange can be overwhelming in large quantities, as this bright colour invokes feelings of anticipation and interest.

Walls that are inappropriately painted can be overbearing and can ruin an environment. When working with interior painters in Wellington or elsewhere, keep in mind how colour impacts the human mind.

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