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How to Improve SEO with Twitter

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twitterAccording to Digital Information World’s info graphics, many marketers say that social media content is a primary method of generating online exposure for businesses. A good example is using Twitter, a micro blogging social media website. It sends out 400 million posts every day, which makes it an incredible platform for SEO companies like Digital Cherry.

Many people visit Twitter to gather real-time social activities and post their own as well. With the 140-character limit, it makes users think creatively in terms of their sentence construction. In addition, 75% of social media users today use hashtags to express themselves better and categorise their posts.

If you’re among the countlessbusinesses that use Twitter, here are some tips to keep you on track:

Don’t Maximise Tweets

Even though Twitter allows 140 characters per tweet, many professional SEO companies advise to use 10 to 20 characters less. This way, users can add something when they quote your posts. Short tweets are more readable, making it easier for users to understand the message immediately. Most users scroll down their Twitter feed without reading everything that appears on it. Be sure to grab their attention,and then link your blog or website for further details.

Use All Forms of Media

Help your followers understand what you’re talking about by including graphics or videos. Use Twitter’s platform instead of third-party sites, so these will appear on your photo and video stream. This way, it’s easier to browse through your previous media posts.

Follow and Follow Back

Follow brands that are similar to the identity you want to present. This way, you can re-tweet related posts and establish your products and services. Follow back and show your appreciation to your followers, but avoid spam accounts with inappropriate profiles. These users will surely appreciate it. For instance, brands like Coca-Cola follow more than 65,000 users at present.

Search Engine Optimisation strategies have evolved, and using social media is necessary to improve these. It’s not too late to set up your accounts today. Start using social media and achieve better results.


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