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Improving Metal Quality for a Better Product Lifetime and Durability

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Shot Peening in AucklandWith today’s products being sold in the market for whatever purposes it may serve, the main competition lies in the quality of the products and the satisfaction it gives to the customers. Product quality may be measured through the lifespan of the item under the normal circumstances of wear and tear, the durability of the item if it is used under high pressure and stress, the satisfaction it can give the clients while using the item.

Clients also look after the engineering, design, material used, technology, brand, technical function and support from the source in case there are problems that might arise.

Commonly clients from industrial companies and businesses focus on the quality that the product, that is why many venture into using shot peening as a way to improve the quality of their metal products.

What is shot peening?

Shot peening is a complex and a critical process of polishing a metal product to its best quality. It includes a repetitive process of striking the metal parts subjected to pressure and stress with a shot of round particles commonly made with steel, ceramic, or glass beads. Shot peening is used to prolong the lifespan of the product, increases its fatigue life, reduces stress corrosion under normal use, and polishes the metal products for a better and longer use.

How shot peening improve metal products?

Metal manufacturing is a very elaborate industry wherein their products undergo many processes such as a repetitive cycle of bending, twisting, stress, pressure and many more depending on the end product to be made. The metal undergoing the repetitive process may experience cracking, lesser fatigue life, corrosion, unwanted deformed parts, increased surface porosity, and lesser ability to retain oil and lubricant.

To be able to avoid negative and defective metal products, companies use shot peening to arrive to their end product that is suitable for the client’s needs and wants. It is also a must to polish products to meet the safety needs of the users.

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