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Newspaper Advertising

In the Age of Digital Media, Why Are Newspapers Still Alive and Kicking?

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Newspaper AdvertisingYes, it’s true that newspapers are facing tough times. It’s also true that the Internet can offer many things print newspapers can’t. But while some newspapers no longer rake in huge profits like they did in the 90’s, there are print media outfits that remain lucrative. Recently, the Newspaper Association of America (NAA) released data that prove that the newspaper industry is far from dying.

Reliable Advertising Medium

According to the NAA, twenty-two percent of consumers look at newspaper advertisements, considering them more believable and reliable than other advertising media. While advertisers continue to face the challenge of reaching and engaging with their target customers, newspapers — both print and online versions — still reign supreme as the advertising media of choice.

Websites like say that newspaper advertising provides a host of benefits, including better targeting. With local advertising, advertisers can target a certain demographic which may be difficult to reach through other forms of promotion.

Supported by Millennials

Contrary to popular belief, the generation of our grandparents is not the only one interacting with or reading local newspapers. The NAA study shows that nearly 44 million millennials read print or online newspapers. As a matter of fact, two-thirds of college-graduate millennials read the papers weekly. The New York Times also reports that 10 percent of print newspaper subscribers are between the ages of 18 and 24. This only proves that the newspaper is still a vital source of information even for the younger generations.

Provides Instant News, No Delays

Most of the information people want to read is acquired in the newsroom. Newspapers work differently from websites and portals, some of which are populated by repurposed pieces of information. Its technology brings no delays; you turn a page and expect instant news.

As times are changing, innovations in the print media industry will conquer traditional journalism formats and methods. Based on the NAA study, newspapers aren’t going anywhere in the coming decades, as long as newspaper outfits entertain new ideas and become flexible so their product would survive.

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