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Increase Your Property Value: Upgrade Your Garage Door

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White garage doorNot all renovations have to be drastic, time-consuming and painfully expensive. Just by upgrading your garage door, your home can have a value-added makeover – especially if your garage door is stuck in the 90’s.

In its 2016 Cost vs. Value report, Remodeling magazine states that you can recoup 91.5% of your investment in a new garage door. So whether you’re already selling your home or you just want to prepare for when you need to sell your home, you can consider changing your garage door to get a higher offer.

Add Character and Appeal

Home appraisers and buyers judge homes by their first impression. If your garage door is right in front of your home, it can help make a beautiful facade. You can change it in two ways. You can subdue it and give it a quiet, gentle character so that your front door or garden can take center stage.

Or you can also play it up: use a popping paint color or add picturesque lamps on top or beside the doors. You can have windows installed above or on the doors, just make sure they are burglar proof.

Added Security is Attractive

Upgrading your garage doors to have more safety and security features is a plus on any buyers or appraiser’s book. Some models have fingerprint identity authentication for faster authorization and heightened security. Engaging installment services of established installers like O’Brien Garage Doors can ensure that your garage doors are properly installed. Features like sensors and reverse mechanisms are also great for those who have kids or young pets so that the door won’t close on them.

Woo Buyers and Appraisers with Convenience – and Enjoy Your Garage Door while It’s Yours

Upgrading to automated garage doors will make entering and locking your garage so much simpler. With a simple click, garage doors open, close and lock. There are many garage door openers on the market right now. Even smartphones can be used to control garage doors.

Investing in better garage doors aren’t just for those looking to sell their homes. The advantages of having a more convenient and more secure door is a big enough reason to invest in garage doors. Having doors that add to your home’s aesthetic appeal also makes life just a little bit sweeter.

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