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5 Cost-effective Strategies for Increasing Home Security

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Nowadays, it’s becoming more important for homeowners to adopt strategies that will deter burglars and other criminals from entering their property. As crime rates in residential areas skyrocket, homeowners no longer feel safe inside their own homes.

There are many home security solutions available in the market. Companies have been coming out with products that are equipped with cameras and sensors to protect the property from trespassers and detect any suspicious activities within the vicinity. Amazon, for example, has Ring doorbells that have a camera to record everything that occurs in front of the house. As part of the Internet of Things (IoT), security systems are also becoming more common. Smart locks connect to the Wi-Fi and can be opened or closed using a smartphone app, not a physical key.

However, some of these measures are a little too expensive for other people. Fortunately, there are still ways to increase home security without spending a lot of money. Here are some:

A Strong and Secure Door

You can strengthen your front door against forced entry by installing a security screen. It’s not just useful for keeping intruders out but also to prevent insects from coming into your home and block toddlers from walking out unnoticed. There are residential security doors that are perforated to allow the sunshine and breeze to pass through while still keeping the house secure—perfect for summer.

Another option is to insert a piece of metal or wood in the door frame. This will make it hard for burglars to kick in the door.

A Security Lighting System

Having a porch or backlighting can deter criminals from entering your property. It not only attracts attention to criminal activity but also makes your home more visible to neighbors and passersby.

Motion sensor lights are also effective in illuminating the dark, preventing criminals from hiding. These devices don’t cost a lot of money. You can get one from Amazon for US$20, and it’s something that you will be able to use for several years.

Install a Security Camera

installing cctv camera in the house

Security cameras have become necessities in every home. Because more homes are already utilizing these devices, there are more affordable security cameras available in the market.

However, those who still don’t want to spend their money or cannot afford to buy more than one can utilize an old smartphone into a security camera.

Cameras on smartphones have improved over the years. Even a handset from 2015 can capture crisp, clear photos and videos. And it is likely that households already have an old smartphone sitting unused in their homes.

This is an easy project. All you need to do is to download an app, pair it with a laptop or another smartphone to access the video stream, and you can use the smartphone camera to monitor an area of your house.

However, it’s important to note that the quality of the video will depend on the smartphone model. A better smartphone will capture high-resolution images and videos.

Hide Your Valuables

You don’t have to invest in expensive home security systems if you want to keep intruders out. Just hide your valuables!

This is another low-cost solution that can be done easily in just a few minutes and is effective when it comes to deterring criminals. It’s the perfect plan for those who are currently on a limited budget.

People with bad intent are more likely to target houses where they can take a lot of valuable goods. So, it’s better not to leave laptops, smart television screens, smartphones, jewelry, money, and other items out in the open. It will also make it harder for burglars to find your possessions in case of a break-in, limiting your losses.

Always Make It Look Like Someone Is Home

Most break-ins occur when the house is empty. So, if you have to leave your home, make sure to leave signs that someone is still indoors.

If you’re only gone for a few hours, you can leave the interior light open or keep the television running. If you’re going on a vacation for several days, ask your neighbors and family members to collect your mail.

Home security doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. These five strategies are simple and effective. Still, they should only be considered as part of an overall plan for home safety that includes other measures like installing deadbolts or window locks on doors and windows, adding alarms systems in the house, getting monitored fire protection services installed in your property, etc.

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