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RFID Lift ticket

Innovation: Modern Security Measures

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In the modern world we live in, security and safety are the two keywords. Close Circuit TV cameras (CCTV) were installed for security purposes many years back. But, now it is a little outdated although they might help sometimes. When security is required along with authentication, CCTV does not really help.

The latest technology helps use a card reader kind of product called Radio-frequency identification device (RFID). These RFID devices offer solutions by retrieving the presence and status of any object to which it is attached remotely. They can track the product automatically and send the information to the remote processors, in an embedded form.

The RFID Advantages

These can be successfully installed in homes, libraries, large stores and offices. They help secure important files, expensive products, and such. Even if the items are missing they can be easily tracked with the help of servers that will provide the location information promptly and accurately.

RFID Lift ticket

This system contains a tag, a reader, an antenna and a package. The tag is to be attached to the product that needs to identified and tracked. The antenna can detect the tag when it comes within the range. The reader helps to read the tags and authenticates its presence. The RFID package contains the software and the server. This finally helps transmit the information to all other necessary applications. This is how the RFID devices offer security solutions.

Wider Coverage

They function in a similar way as the bar codes do but the applications can be used for wider coverage too. This is possible as these systems do not need to maintain contact with scanners all the time as is necessary with bar codes. In fact high frequency systems need not be in the line of sight or within a particular range, in order to be identified.

This wider coverage helps these devices to be used for missile tracking, vehicle tracking and automobile tracking through the assembly lines.

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