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Hip Replacement

Just Like You, These Personalities Also had Hip Replacements

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Hip ReplacementYour decision to undergo hip replacement in Kent may actually be a good one when you consider the many benefits you may enjoy. This will allow you to regain a quality of life which you may have missed for so many years. You will be free of pain and other incapacitating symptoms and enjoy once again an independent life.

With a success rate of as much as 95 percent, so many people have never regretted making that decision. And these include people who occupy high positions in society and who we admire and look up to.

Here are some of these esteemed personalities:

Queen Elizabeth

The Queen Mother, who lived at a ripe old age of 101, was perhaps the most famous person to receive hip replacement. She underwent this procedure when she was 95 years old and was able to resume her normal activities, The Wells Suite says.

Luciano Pavarotti

Acknowledged as the greatest opera singer of all time, Luciano Pavarotti had a hip replacement when he was 63 years old. After the operation, he was able to resume his excellent performances until the age of 71 years.

George Bush

Still active today, former president George Bush actually had two procedures with the first one performed in 1997 and followed three years after. With his new hips, he was able to conduct affairs befitting a former head of state of the United States.

Billy Joel

In the world of entertainment, the best example would be the multi-awarded Billy Joel who had this procedure in 2010. Right after the operation, he was able to do a programme together with Elton John. While talking about entertainment celebrities, you may as well include in the list greats such as Elizabeth Taylor, Jane Fonda, Ray Charles, Katherine Hepburn, Eddie Van Halen, and Steve Perry.

Jack Nicklaus

Acclaimed as the best golfer of all time, Jack Nicklaus also received a hip implant in 1999. His new hips allowed him to regain his active lifestyle.

Indeed, hip replacement may be considered as one of the best innovation in the medical world. So many people have benefited from this and not just these celebrities. But it should be consolation to know that with your hip replacement, you are in good company.

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