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Fashionable Toddler

Kids and Dressing Up

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There will come a time when dressing up will become part of your tot’s nature, and they will even love it. At first, you may wonder why your kids are so obsessed with their funky boys’ clothes or their superhero costumes. But there are actually reasons behind this and some items anchored to it.

Look into the following insights to know these details one by one.

Shoes: A Kid’s First Love

Buy your kid an entire set of costume and he will likely get attached to the pair of shoes that come with it. According to Louisa Bates Ames, a renowned child psychologist, shoes are typically the kid’s first object of affection when it comes to clothing. No wonder why your tot’s insisting to try your shoes.

Lads Dressing Up as Gals?

Don’t reprimand your boy for dressing up as a girl. Before about the age of 4, children are just trying to figure out gender roles and identities. The same theory applies to girls. What you need to do is to gradually introduce him to funky and appropriate clothing for boys, like those from brands like Funky Little Fella.

Fashionable Toddler

What Kids Get from Dressing Up

Dressing up provides kids an insight about gender, societal, or lifestyle roles. It helps them understand empathy. They literally put themselves in other people’s shoes.

Dressing up is an important part of growing up. Take your tot’s childhood as a chance to help him or her understand what they’re doing until they finally outgrow it.

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