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woman having coffee on kitchen countertop

Kitchen Remodeling on Budget: How to Do it

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Most homes turn their kitchens into the main space. A place where everyone gathers, from family members to guests. But what happens when your kitchen isn’t a space to hang out in? Maybe it’s cramped or outdated and features old, energy-draining appliances.

It’s time to do a kitchen remodel.

Budget Kitchen Remodel: What’s a Good Budget?

old small kitchen
Photo by Jean van der Meulen on Pexels

A good place to start for budget kitchen renovations is the numbers. How much should you budget for a kitchen remodel?

The average homeowner in America spends $25,887 for a kitchen remodel. The typical range for this kind of home project runs a low of $13,381 to a high of $38,410. But that doesn’t mean you can’t spend under those numbers. A kitchen on a budget can be done for a low of $3,000.

Although a kitchen remodel is one of the more expensive home projects to take on, that doesn’t mean you can’t come up with some budget kitchen remodel ideas.

A good budget let’s you improve the functionality and beauty of the space without the big ticket cost. When you’re ready to update the space, consider what changes will not only improve how you use the kitchen but also add value to your property.

Experts do suggest spending about 6 percent to 10 percent of your home’s value on the remodel.

How to Remodel a Kitchen on a Budget

father and daughter preparing pizza in kitchen
Photo by Jimmy Dean on Unsplash

Once you’ve figured out the the budget, plan for a cheap kitchen remodel. And that usually means doing some of the work yourself.

Determine your kitchen profile

What sort of kitchen do you have now and what do you want it to be? Not everyone is going to be a home entertainer, which means the space doesn’t have to become a “showpiece.” The kitchen cabinets don’t have to be custom or premium. You may not need the stainless steel appliances.

If you’ve got kids and the kitchen must meet the big, fast appetites of the family, the kitchen layout must create an easy flow. Your new appliances must be durable and easy to clean. And you’re going to need a lot of counter space to prep those big meals.

Nailing down your kitchen profile tells you just how much work is needed, what sort of materials to choose and the must-have changes for the cheap kitchen remodel.

Identify DIY jobs

Cheap kitchen renovations may mean more DIY work, but not every job can be done by a DIYer. A major kitchen remodel that involves redoing the layout would mean redirecting electrical and plumbing connections. Both of which require the expertise and experience of a professional. Also, these types of construction improve how you use the kitchen.

Manage your timeline

Affordable kitchen renovations are impossible without a timeline. Even for a minor kitchen remodel, a timeline is crucial to keeping the costs manageable. It also ensures you’re daily routine isn’t disrupted for too long; that you won’t be “barred” from using your kitchen for months while old flooring is replaced or new pipes are installed.

Determine if the kitchen remodel is going to be a six-month job or if everything can done in three months or even a few weeks. Then work with your contractor about how realistic your timeline may be. Some considerations will include ordering the materials, the extent of construction and securing the permits to do some of the jobs.

Budget Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Aside from deciding on the period of the kitchen remodel, your remodeling choices also dictate whether you’re going to control the costs.

To follow your plan for an affordable kitchen remodel, consider the following ideas:

Keep the layout

l-shaped kitchen layout
Photo by Sidekix Media on Unsplash

Unless the current layout of your kitchen makes it uncomfortable or feels cramped, retaining it will save money and time. This way, your contractor may not have to poke holes into the walls and reroute the plumbing or electrical wiring. All of which translates to lower labor costs, too.

Refresh instead of installing new kitchen cabinets

Are your existing cabinets worn out and broken or do they just need a fresh coat of paint. Maybe some new hardware would brighten up the storage space.

Pick a spot to splurge on and to save

kitchen with white island and wood stools
Photo by R ARCHITECTURE on Unsplash

Some spots in your kitchen would benefit from getting a splurge. For example, new countertops make your kitchen brighter and bring the space to a contemporary style. If your kitchen was designed and made in the ’80s or ’90s, replacing an old countertop would be a good investment.

You could also splurge on new appliances or add a kitchen island if you have enough space.

Add character and functionality with a butcher block

kitchen island with butcher block countertop
Photo by Dmitry Zvolskiy on Pexels

Bring warmth to an otherwise boring kitchen with a butcher block. It’s an alternative to granite or quartz countertops. The wood tone adds character and the material is durable.

Use secondhand pieces where you can

If you must replace upper cabinets or tile backsplash, consider secondhand pieces. Source them at flea markets, antique shops or construction jobs offloading materials from the site. Sometimes, you will find a gem in what others think should be headed for the landfill.

Add smart storage space

wood open shelving in kitchen with pots
Photo by Dane Deaner on Unsplash

Vertical storage makes sense when you have limited floor space. But instead of adding new cabinets, consider placing open shelving. Open shelves not only add storage and keep your kitchen organized, but they also make a small kitchen seem wider. And shelves are cheaper than cabinets.

Get more natural light in

The best way to get more natural light in is to add more windows or widen an existing one. But that’s going to add more labor costs and materials. A kitchen remodel budget that makes room for more natural light would include expenses for high gloss paint. High gloss paint bounces off light, flooding your kitchen with more light. You could also brighten up the kitchen by repainting dark cabinetry hardware with white paint.

Update your kitchen backsplash

kitchen backsplash in intricate pattern
Photo by Max Vakhtbovych on Pexels

A new kitchen backsplash enhances the overall design of the space. It can act as a focal point, bringing visual impact to your inexpensive kitchen remodel. You could choose tiles with patterns that work for the interior design of the space. You could also choose to go with vibrant colors. You could also go with the popular and clean white subway tiles; add visual interest by laying out a herringbone pattern.

Other affordable kitchen renovations include replacing old fixtures with contemporary ones or refurbishing used ones from flea markets; refinishing the floors and installing farmhouse style new doors for areas that may need some separation.

A Budget Kitchen Remodel is Doable

The kitchen holds a valuable place in the home, beyond the cooking and the dining. Even a small kitchen can provide multiple functions if planned the right way. Although it’s not the cheapest room to improve, some kitchen remodel ideas aren’t expensive.

It’s also one of the more crucial spaces in a home to remodel because it adds value to the property.

Prepare with a good budget. Identify what changes are necessary to do now and some that may be delayed (until you get enough money). Figure out what jobs you can do on your own. Devise a suitable timetable to finish designing a kitchen on a budget. Then get creative with your budget kitchen remodel ideas.

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