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Dirty Water

Knowing the Reasons Behind Smelly Water

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Dirty WaterDealing with smelly water is definitely an irritating experience. However, a strong odor is not just what
there is in smelly water. Contaminants such as chemicals, dissolved debris, rusts from your water pipes,
street run-offs, seeping sewage water, and chlorine are just some of the many reasons your water
smells bad.

No one really deserves to deal with stinking water. This is why determining what causes the smell is very
helpful in eliminating not just the bad odor, but also the dangers of drinking contaminated water.

Detecting the Source of Smell

The bad smell doesn’t automatically come from your main water source. From your source (i.e., water
wells), the water travels through a series of pipes before it finally comes out of your tap. As such, you
have to first identify if the odor is coming from your water system, or from your water source itself.

You can do this by following these simple steps:

1. Open one faucet at a time. If smelly water comes out from all faucets, the source of odor could
be your plumbing or your water source. If only one faucet delivers bad smell, replacing the
faucet’s fixtures can solve the problem.

2. If all faucets deliver smelly water, check if the odor goes away after several seconds. If so, the
source of the odor is not your water well, but your plumbing system.

3. If all faucets deliver smelly water that doesn’t go away even after opening the valves for several
seconds, check if your water smells only when the heater is on. If so, the chemical reaction
between your water tank and your water heater may be causing the smell. If it still smells even
after turning the heater off, contact a water specialist to have your water source tested for

The best way to eliminate bad odor from your water is to install a water softener, common in Provo,
Utah, to filter out contaminants that cause the bad odor. Most water softeners are equipped with the
most advanced reverse osmosis technology to keep your water safe and odor-free all the time.

Bad odor may signify something wrong with the water. Act fast and safeguard your health

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