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office design

The Latest Trends In Office Design

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office designRenovating a home is inevitable in many houses. For offices, though, the same is true, but it entails a different approach, as offices are commercial spaces. Its primary concern is productivity, not comfort.

Today, many offices choose to renovate and remodel. Offices now prefer new designs that can bring in the latest materials, optimise space and increase functionality.

Commercial interior design Perth offices go to renovate your workplace with new trending concepts. The aim should always be to innovate and increase productivity. Renovation makes it possible for optimal workflow of the available resources including manpower.

Some of these trending concepts:

  • Avoid big private offices or rooms. Instead, provide shared spaces and collaborative areas. This enhances teamwork, and balances the time spent on planning and team exercises.
  • Have smaller workstations for every team and thus have a chain of workstations. Companies can remove the conference room to save space. Instead, they can hold meetings at the centre of all the workstations.
  • For privacy or confidentiality, smaller workstations can have soundproof doors.
  • The space saved creates a small private lounge, which they can lock. There can be one for every five workstations. Up to five people can use this lounge to think in peace, make private calls or research on their laptops. This is a great idea as today‚Äôs open designs hardly have any private spaces.
  • For employees who hardly use their workspace you can have a touchdown spot instead of a full workstation. This could be in the form of a desk with facilities that supports voice mail, email and basic filing.
  • It is necessary to rethink space usage and technologies. With laptops and mobile phones, the employees need not sit in one place to be productive.
  • Only immediate files should be in close proximity and all long-term ones should move into a central storage unit.
  • Only have large workstations for employees who are in most of the time. The management is hardly there, so they may have smaller spaces.
  • Intelligent use of partition screens and furniture can improve the atmosphere.

The above points are not specific to any particular kind of workspace. It is to give a general idea of how renovations and rearrangement should happen. These trends are in response to trimming operating costs and maximising returns.

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