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Living in Another Country: What to Expect

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There can be many explanations as to why a person would settle in another country. While these explanations vary from one person to another, one thing remains certain—it is not an easy decision to make.

For comparison, let’s talk about how one would move away from their hometown to move into another state within their country.

Moving to another state means leaving behind your childhood home, all the friends that you have made as a kid, and the places that you grew up with. These are already major changes to deal with, even for adults.

But moving to another city within your country means you are still subjected to the nationwide cultures and practices that you are used to. The people in your new town will most likely speak your language and can communicate with you.

This is not the case when you move to another country.

When you choose to live abroad, you are willingly subjecting yourself to the laws, practices, and traditions of a foreign country. It is your responsibility to know what to do before settling in that country.

Why Do People Choose To Settle Abroad?

The Push and the Pull

The factors that influence the decision for people to live abroad are classified into two: push and pull factors. Push factors cause many people to leave their countries. Pull factors, on the other hand, attract people to move to a certain country.

Job Requirements

Some international corporations may require their employees to move nearer to their main hubs. This makes it more efficient for them to work on-site.

Greener Pastures

Another cause for people to move away from their home country is to seek greener pastures. This essentially means moving to places with better living conditions and more opportunities while trying to avoid the poor living conditions of their home country.

They choose to live in countries where they can find stability and achieve a better quality of life. This is most observable among those who come from economically disadvantaged countries and those who come from countries struck by poverty and war.

For Family

People also migrate to be closer to families who have already settled before them. This is a rather easier way of moving since the person will have help in adjusting to the culture of the country.

Others also move to live in their partners’ home country. This reason accounted for 1 % of immigration in 2020.

Whatever reason you may have for choosing to live in another country, it does not change the fact that you will be dealing with some life-altering events.

What You Should Expect

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Language Barrier

Expect that there will be a language barrier between you and the local community. To avoid this, you should learn the local language of the country before moving.

For English-speaking individuals, this barrier may be briefly remedied by speaking English since several countries have good English-speaking citizens. But again, it is always best to learn the local language to respect the locals and to ensure that nothing gets lost in translation.

Culture Shock

Of course, expect to be exposed to the nation’s culture, practices, and traditions. You may be overwhelmed by this huge change, and that’s okay. Later on, you will learn their practices the longer you live there.

Always keep in mind that the norms in your home country will be different from theirs. Be respectful of their practices at all times.

Different Living Conditions

Your living conditions will change too. Depending on the disparity between your home country and your new country, your living conditions may change for the worse or the better.

Your living conditions can also be influenced by your capabilities to spend. If you are from a relatively rich country, then you have the means to improve your living conditions. You will have the means to acquire better property in the area. Whatever the case may be, it will always be wise to consult a real estate agent in the locality.

Laws of the Land

When you move to a new country, you will be subject to their laws. So be sure to know the local and national laws before you settle to make sure you are not breaking any one of them. Of course, you will learn more about their laws as you live there. But to be safe, know what you can and cannot do.

Choosing to reside in a different country can be overwhelming. But with good preparation, you will be ready to take on this huge step towards your future.

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