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Student Hostel

Living Options to Consider as a Student in London

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Student HostelFinding a home in a beautiful city like London is a feat in itself, as not only is it known to be frantic, it is also quite expensive, especially for a student. Accommodation and living conditions have become so expensive that students are paying rent far beyond their means.

The government, however, has not ignored the concern, since housing solutions have emerged and housing communities focusing on this issue are making their way to helping more students each year. This makes affordable housing provided by charity housing a viable option for students looking to find a place to stay in London.

Other than cheaper fees, LHA London shares some of the significant benefits you can enjoy by living in one.

Flexible Living Terms

There are living options where students can stay in exchange for services. By rendering volunteer work, like housekeeping, catering, reception, porter or supervising for charity homes, your living quarters will come at a cheaper price, or even free.

It is normal for people your age to be broke, as most students are. Your finances are your main concern, especially if you are living on your own in London, where the cost of living is relatively high.

Housing communities know the struggle of living in London and how difficult it is to afford housing along with your other needs. Which is why most of the time, meals come free when you do volunteer work.

Impressive Resume

The tough job market in the UK will require you to put in more than just your University and organisation in your resume. For students, this can be of great value since you get to learn outside of school and discover things you won’t get from the classroom. Something that will prove to be valuable when you go out into the real world.

Adding volunteer work in your CV will give you higher chances of scoring that job you have been eyeing. Volunteering says a lot about a person, and your interviewer will surely think better of you and your work ethic.

Create Lifelong Bonds

You will never know who you are going to cross paths with in transient home establishments. With the many shared living spaces, you are bound to create lifelong bonds with people going through difficult stages in their lives—student or not.

We meet people at a certain point in our lives because of a reason. In that mindset, you are likely to create an impact to your peers. Make the most of your stay and expand your network.

Explore your options and find ways to make it less expensive or beneficial for you as a student. Make it more fulfilling and exciting.

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