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Marketing, Advertising, Data: Knowing What Works

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AdvertisingWhile it is normal for small businesses to look at marketing and advertising with a wary eye – given that operations of their size typically do not have the budget for it (yet) – they may be losing ground without even knowing it. Some small businesses get lucky quite early, hitting it big within the first year of their opening, but there are more that have to wait several years before they make any remarkable strides toward success. And there are, of course, those small businesses that never reach that at all.

The Importance of Marketing and Advertising

Marketing and advertising are an investment. In Melbourne, ad agencies like Sphere that offers full service operations are capable of boosting the popularity of a relatively unknown business within a few months, as long as the business’s decision-makers are willing to include the ad spend in their budget and to wait until the right combination of techniques gives them some footing.

While advertising may seem like a considerable expense at first, when chosen techniques make the right combination, and the target market is precisely determined, you will realise how it is more an investment than an expense.

What Data Can Tell You

When different marketing and advertising options are used, chances are high that huge amounts of data follow. In recent times, most companies relied solely on the insights coming from the business leader – the CEO or the top management. With big data, however, a growing number of companies are becoming able to determine their next move based on the insights coming from the data. Of course, an expert or a team of experts are involved in using and interpreting the data. As these are numbers, they are more accurate in determining which advertising moves are effective and which should be continued, harnessed and further developed, and which should be left behind.

Using advertising and data together can help you determine your organisation’s best moves in attracting your niche, and in improving on that success even further. This may be the difference between gaining ground and folding up.

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