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home workout

No Gym, No Problem: Maximizing Home Workout

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Gaining weight during the quarantine season is not something to be ashamed of. You were subjected to a sudden change in your daily routine and work environment. Your sedentary nine-to-five life became even comfier since your bed has been within reach all day. You got easy access to meals in between tasks and you’ve been making full use of it. There’s no shame in coping that way.

Now that the world is opening once again, you want to start working on your body and getting back in shape. But since going to the gym might still be a tad frightening, working out at home is your best option. To show full support in your physical fitness campaign, here are the five best ways you can maximize your home workout routines to ensure your body’s recovery safely at home:

Stick to your schedule

One of the best things about working out at home is the scheduling flexibility it brings. Forcing yourself to wake up at five in the morning only to do sloppy exercises because you’re too sleepy is not going to help at all. Your form is crucial and being too sleepy or too tired affects that.

Working out in the morning is ideal. However, your body clock might differ from others. No matter what time of the day you exercise, the important thing is to stay consistent. And the key to consistency is mental durability. Now, you can’t have that if you’re always feeling guilty about missing sessions because you didn’t wake up early.

Mix business with pleasure

Exercise and music are probably some of the best combinations out there. Music can relax you and get you fired up at the same time. Jogging isn’t complete without your jam. But who said music is the only thing that helps?

Most people say that watching TV while working out is counterproductive because you will get distracted and will burn fewer calories. However, if you do it the other way around, it would be one of the best routines you could have. A short set of squats won’t be as tiring if you’re already in the middle of an intense fight scene. Just choosing to stand up and do some stretching while playing video games won’t hurt anyone.

Since they help decrease boredom and provide a distraction from pain and discomfort, what you should do is incorporate exercises while you play video games and watch TV.

Do some housework workouts

mowing lawn

Combining two goals and getting them done at the same time is an efficient way to go about your day. Tone your muscles while decluttering. Burn calories as you wash the dishes. Getting hyped with your HIT sessions is great but mixing a couple of household chores will be better for both your physical fitness and your mental health.

Mowing the lawn, especially on uneven grounds, will get your sweat on. If you use manual and non-powered mowers, you get the bonus of burning more calories while beautifying your front yard.

You can let your dumbbells rest for a while and start working on your floor instead. Sweeping, vacuuming, scrubbing, and mopping can be the best set for your biceps and back muscles. If you want to get creative, using your feet to mop the floor will come in handy, especially if you always neglect your leg days. And a few bicep curls can be accomplished while putting the garbage out.

Take advantage of the internet

You are at home and there’s no one there to keep you in check. WRONG!

Professional workout routine videos are free and easily accessible. Streaming workout sessions at home is more flexible since you can try different routines and workout philosophies. You can also acquire the services of virtual fitness coaches. Just remember to look for personal trainers with continuing education units (CEUs) to make sure the people you are following are professionals.

Be creative

You don’t need to buy a lot of equipment to effectively tone your body. You can save money from paying for expensive gym memberships or buying pricey gym equipment by simply looking around your house.

A backpack filled with books and full water bottles can be a weighted vest. You can use chairs for dips and incline push-ups. Water gallons can become great weights for kettlebell swings. Bags of rice can be used as dumbbells. Towels and comforters can become yoga mats and you can even use your toilet for box squats.

Anything you see at home can be of use. Your imagination is the only limit.

Working out won’t make you immune to the virus. But being physically fit will surely help you in surviving any sickness. Don’t forget to do it consistently and moderately. It’s important to do it at your own pace. Remember that life is not a sprint but a marathon and the goal is to make sure that you are still running.

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