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man applying hand cream

Men’s Right to Personal Care and Beauty

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Beauty is not exclusively for women. Men want to be beautiful, too. It’s not only women who want the attention. Men also want to be recognized for their looks, and they want to be desired as well.

As people shout for equality nowadays, men want a part of it. If women can use skincare products, so can they. If girls can go to the salon and have their hair beautifully styled, so can boys. Ladies can wear make-up, so why can’t guys?

The Evolution of Men

Long ago, wearing make-up for men isn’t taboo. It was a symbol of strength and leadership. Ancient pharaohs wore eyeliners. Roman emperors used to wear blush, and 18-century French nobles used thick layers of foundation. They probably had a different name for all these make-up items but the point is, they used it, out and proud.

But several years after that, something happened. Cosmetics has suddenly been an item veered away from by men. Men suddenly didn’t care about beauty standards. Some joke that real men don’t have abs. Men pride themselves on having beer bellies because this is a testament to their manhood. If you look too good, your manhood might be questioned.

But then, 1994 came. As Mark Simpson, an English author and journalist wrote an essay, he said that a certain type of man has emerged. He calls these men metrosexuals. He defines metrosexuals as a new breed of “aesthetically-attuned straight men.”

A perfect example of a metrosexual, he said, is David Beckham. Beckham, as Simpson implies, successfully maintains his manly aura despite doing feminine stuff. By feminine, it simply means maintaining proper grooming and choosing the right clothes while keeping a manly aura.

However, this was written in 1994. As the years pass, men evolve together with a different standard in beauty. Mark Simpson, once again, declares a new type of man– the spornosexuals.

The term is a combination of the words sports and porno, and Simpson uses it to describe men who use their bodies as their best accessory. These men go to the gym every day and display their chiseled bodies not just in photos but in real life.

The poster boy for this hybrid? Still David Beckham.

man receiving dermal fillers

The Buzz for a Biz

No matter how people label it, there’s only one common denominator with these men. They want to look good and feel good. These men are not a small portion of the population. Hence, there is a real demand for men’s beauty products and services.

CNBC News tackles in an article the potential of the men’s beauty industry. It mentions that by 2022, the market for the men’s personal care industry will grow up to $166 billion. This industry includes grooming and skincare products like shaving creams, razors, moisturizers, body wash, and deodorants.

However, David Yi, founder of a digital platform for men, stated that there are more opportunities in the men’s beauty industry than the obvious. Start-up industries should focus on products that will tackle sensitive health issues among men. These include hair loss and erectile dysfunction.

It is true. Some men have discovered that there is a lot more they can do than shaving their face or fixing their hair. Some have discovered the power of botox and other dermatological treatments. The National Library of Medicine discusses that men often use the treatment to lessen the visibility of facial lines.

The problem with men though is that they have a different biological structure than women. As a result, they often need more products to see visible effects. In botox, for example, men may need more units of injections to see better results. Men may also need to apply more skincare products because they have generally oilier skin than women.

As proof, the National Library of Medicine has posted a study about male and female skin. The paper concluded that sebum content is higher in men due to the influence of male hormones. Sebum refers to oil. The paper also discussed that men are more prone to wrinkles and facial sagging. These findings stress the importance of men’s care, not just for vanity, but for aging gracefully.

Join the fight!

Be part of the movement and start up a business focusing on men’s beauty. Like Yi suggested, try promoting products that have not been done yet but essential for men’s wellness. Promote your brand-new business by focusing on equality and men’s right to personal care. Use the digital space to reach your market through SEO services. Make your brand visible and spread the word on men’s right to beauty.

The demand for male beauty and personal care products has long been discussed, yet some are still not convinced or too shy to try. But there should be no shame in trying to feel better and improving one’s self.

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