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Minor Dents: Small in Size, Yet Big in Risks for Your Ride

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Car Repair in AucklandSo your car has sustained minor dents after a shopping cart hit it or after a recent hailstorm. This does not mean you should just let it remain unfixed.

Many people often let issues like this slide, thinking that they have a small to little effect on their ride’s aesthetics. What a lot of them do not know is that they can become bigger problems over time.

More than just an aesthetic concern

The most obvious reason many car owners bring their dented vehicle to an expert panel beater in Auckland (or anywhere else in the country) is that these dents can have a significant impact on appearance. Dents, however, affect more than just the exterior of a car; they can also significantly bring down its value. Dents that broke through the paint sealant make the car more prone to corrosion, an expert from explains.

The worst possible case

Paint sealant-fracturing dents compromise the resistance of vehicles to rust. Rust, if not immediately addressed, will lead to corrosion. Further exposure to elements, such as salt on the road and from the winds, sun, precipitation and debris, will hasten the oxidation process.

The bad rash that penetrates deep into the interiors

Rust, like a bad rash, can quickly spread. All it takes is the combination of a single dent from a single, small area and the above-mentioned elements before it transforms and damages a larger part of the car’s body. Over time, it will degrade the appearance and value of your ride. Continue delaying repairs and the oxidation will make its way deep into the vehicle’s inner working parts, destroying its valuable components.

From that tiny dent you thought will not have any long-lasting effect on your car; you may end up facing repairs that are more expensive. Have it fixed right away for a smaller price rather than risk having to pay more in the end.

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