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Mobile Online Testing: A Must for Rigging/Lifting Industries

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Lifting ApplicationsIndustrial applications involved in rigging and lifting procedures require specialized type of tools and equipment. To ensure safety of the people involved, only qualified and trained individuals should use these tools and equipment.

It is important to note, however, that organizations should have these tools and machines routinely tested. Prioritizing visual and load testing services ensures the safety of everyone in the workplace.

Importance of certification

In the rigging and lifting industries, it’s a must that qualified personnel conduct certification procedures and processes to ensure the safety of every worker. It’s also critical for these personnel to well document, store, and ensure traceability of all certification testing results and data. Well-established mobile on-site testing companies implement top of the line approaches to ensure quality and traceability.

The procedures involved

Testing companies ensure the complete shipment of all equipment together with their load testing and thorough inspection data. Only qualified, certified, and licensed professionals conduct these inspections. These companies also make certain that the equipment they use for load testing undergo a routine calibration for the most efficient results. You will also find certifications and documentation online for your perusal.

Common services offered

According to Consolidated Rigging & Lifting Products, Inc., some of the most common load testing services include thorough visual and load testing procedures for all specialized types of equipment. You can expect a thorough re-inspection and re-certification of your lifting and rigging gear and tools, either on-site or at the company’s own facilities.

Always remember that as a business owner or employer involved in the rigging and lifting industry, it is your responsibility to ensure that every piece of equipment and machinery have passed certifications and safety testing standards.

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