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Mother Nature-Approved Ways to Build an Eco-Friendly Kitchen

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Eco-Friendly KitchenWith effects of climate change looming over us, it is critical that you remain environmentally aware and proactive. One way to do so is to redesign your kitchen into an eco-friendly area with the help of kitchen design companies like Enigma Interiors. Apply the following concepts to get Mother Nature’s approval.

Use Low or No VOC Paints

Paints with carbon-rich volatile organic compounds or VOCs readily vaporise into the air. They contain different chemicals that cause both short- and long-term effects on the health of the residents. The said health impact ranges from memory impairment to central nervous system damage. Choose from the wide array of paints that do not include these compounds as it lessens odour or mould and prevents health issues.

Form Light Zones

You do not really need to illuminate the entire kitchen. Instead, create light zones to emphasise some areas and integrate low light in areas where you only need to entertain your guests. Consider purchasing LED lighting or compact fluorescent bulbs if you want to create a dimmer effect. Some LED bulbs even last for more than 13 years and consume 80 per cent lesser energy compared to incandescent bulbs.

Select Eco-Friendly Floors

Before considering the design of the floors, learn about its durability and sustainability. A good eco-friendly floor you can consider is bamboo. Collected from a healthy living tree, it is one of the fastest-growing plants on the globe. Alternatively, you can also choose between the abundance of green flooring selections on the market, such as sustainably produced rubber, zinc, copper, glass, ceramic and porcelain.

Decrease your carbon footprint without sacrificing your style by applying these ecologically-conscious kitchen design concepts. Not only will your family benefit from the healthier atmosphere, but you will also teach your youngsters the significance of incorporating an environmentally-friendly room.

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