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Dental Braces for Adults

Never Too Late for Straighter Teeth

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Dental Braces for AdultsDid you know that it’s never too late to get straighter teeth? Many people associate braces with the teenage years and think that once you are an adult, the time for teeth straightening has passed.

Thankfully, that’s not the case. No matter how old you are, you can benefit from orthodontic treatment. Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry that creates harmony between the teeth and jaw – it brings your teeth into alignment. Orthodontists, such as those at Weybridge Orthodontics in Weybridge town centre, work with many dental issues including:

  • Overbite – upper front teeth extend out over the lower teeth;
  • Underbite– lower jaw extends out so bottom teeth sit in front of top teeth;
  • Crossbite – upper teeth sit inside the lower teeth – can caused misaligned jaw growth;
  • Openbite – upper and lower teeth do not overlap, causing problems with chewing;
  • Widely spaced teeth – either through missing teeth or naturally-occurring gaps;
  • Protrusion – over-extended front teeth or under-extended lower teeth;
  • Crowding – not enough room for all the teeth to come through.

Go Incognito

One aspect of orthodontic work that adults particularly worry about is the thought of having metal ‘train track’ braces, there for all to see. Not great in your teenage years and really not desirable in your social and professional life as an adult. The good news is that there are many kinds of braces available, including some that you can barely see.

One such kind are the Incognito braces. These are lingual braces, which means that they are attached behind the teeth rather than in front of them, making the braces virtually invisible. They are a system of brackets and wires, custom-made to fit your teeth for the maximum level of comfort.

How Long Will it Take?

Your orthodontist will use a 3D image of your teeth to create the braces, to make sure they are a perfect fit for your teeth. Even so there is a short adjustment period once the braces have been fitted – so be prepared for some bedding in time! However, after that, you will be able to eat and speak as usual. It can take up to two years to complete treatment, but most patients start seeing results after a few months.

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