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office cleanliness

The Impact of Office Cleanliness on Employees’ Productivity

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Clearing just your office desk feels like cleaning your mind too. Why is this so? Psychology points out that human brains like order. We tend to find patterns everywhere, so we feel uneasy with disorder or chaos. This is why we prefer a clean home, workspace, and surroundings overall. We thrive and find comfort in routines. The more orderly our environment and daily schedules are, the more organized our minds become.

Our brains work like pattern recognition machines, so when we are in a busy, distracting environment and schedules, we might not be aware of it. However, it’s actually draining our energy. Our desire for control comes from our desire for order.

The human need for orderliness cannot be understated, which is why companies should take cleanliness as a priority in their workspaces. Every business aims at increasing their employees’ productivity. Although there are many other ways, from modifying the office to inviting in natural lighting, the quickest way to tap into productivity and other positive employee traits is to keep the office and overall surroundings clean and free from clutter.

Add to that the new anxiety among every employee worldwide—the probability of contracting COVID-19. Now that most companies are making their employees return to office setup, it’s their responsibility to keep the workplace clean and thoroughly disinfected. Anxiety has been shown to decrease motivation and energy in employees, so make an effort to ease their fear of getting the disease. Assure employees they’re safe to go to work by regularly disinfecting the surfaces, upholstery, floor, and even the less-traffic areas. In addition, it would be best to book a regular commercial carpet cleaning service with the proper equipment to remove all the disease-causing substances sneaking into the fibers of your carpet.

Here are other ways a clean office leads to a more productive workforce:

Cutting down sick days

Not all your employees may be vaccinated for COVID-19, which makes cleaning and disinfecting the office all the more critical. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests the most thorough way to clean the workspace to fight off bacteria and viruses. Productivity is less when employees keep on taking sick leave, but a healthier workforce means fewer absences, then eventually, to increased productivity levels.

Reducing the risk of injury

Not only are your employees exposed to COVID-19 in a poorly maintained workplace, but they also are exposed to injuries. This is especially true if you operate in a warehouse. When the mess is found everywhere, it can increase the risk for accidents. Businesses should regularly assess their workplace for hazards and remove those, such as slippery substances on the floor and many other dangers. Employees will always work better when they know they’re safe.

injured person

Lessening file searching time

Businesses that still rely on paper-based operations usually go through this problem. Finding tools and files prove to be very time-consuming. Employees keep on searching for items instead of doing other important tasks. When things are organized, employees don’t have to waste time poring over storage cabinets for the tools or documents they need.

Helping employees concentrate better

As mentioned above, a messy office results in a cluttered mind. For the employees, it will be hard to focus when all around them is full of clutter. Even when they try to ignore it, it will show in their energy and motivation sapped by the dirty environment. Employees feel things are out of their control and cannot even concentrate on the task they have at hand.

Making employees happier

Every company should aim at increasing their employees’ levels of happiness as it leads to heightened motivation and energy. Studies show that unhappy employees are less productive than happy ones. Happy employees tend to give their best in every task. Making everyone happy is a win-win in the workplace since happiness is significantly linked to increased productivity.

There are many other ways to make your workforce happy such as making your employees feel valued, satisfied, and secure in their job, less stressed, and appreciated. The quickest way to make them feel respected and assure them that their health and well-being are essential to the company is to keep a clean, clutter-free office.

Creating a more professional environment

How your office looks affects how your employees will view your business. If it’s professional-looking, then you can expect respect from your employees and, even more, grit to work. You can’t expect your employees to revere their work and be proud of the job when even their office is dirty and all cluttered up. A professional and clean office can considerably spike their productivity up.

Your Employees Are Your Assets

Your business cannot go so far without your workforce, so make sure to make your employees feel that their well-being and health are also a priority, not just your business’ processes, revenues, or any other matter.

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