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10 Office Design Ideas for Productivity

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In an effort to be productive, many people turn to creative office design ideas in order to stimulate their minds. From bright colors to interesting wall art, there are many different ways you can make your office more inspiring and conducive to productivity. Here are 10 office design ideas for productivity that you can use in your own workspace!

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1. Choose a theme

Themed offices are a great way to create a sense of dynamic and inspiration. Focus on a theme that you think will inspire your employees, such as travel or technology. You can also choose older styles like vintage office rooms where you can hire traditional re-upholstery services to revamp your furniture. Once the theme is chosen, you can start decorating with things related to it. This includes wall art like posters and pictures as well as your overall color scheme!

2. Paint your walls a bright color

In addition to choosing a theme for your office, you should also consider painting the walls a bright color. Bright colors can create a wildly creative environment and make people feel more creative as well! One way to go about this is by considering the psychology of color that affects how people work, feel, and behave. Bright colors are said to have an invigorating effect on employees.

3. Incorporate fresh flowers into your office design

Believe it or not, adding fresh flowers to your office is a great way to keep your employees happy. Add them to your meeting rooms, desks, and anywhere else you can think of! Not only do fresh flowers look great but they can be very calming for stressed or busy employees. The added bonus here is that the more natural design also helps promote creativity.

4. Use ergonomic furniture

Ergonomic furniture isn’t just good for your employees; it’s good for business. If you want your company to be competitive, then ergonomic furniture is something you should absolutely consider. Not only do ergonomic chairs reduce the number of workplace injuries, but they also encourage people to work longer hours without tiring as quickly.

5. Consider colorful office supplies

Office supplies are another great way to brighten up your office and make it look more creative. From brightly colored pens and pencils to writing pads that feature your company logo, there are lots of opportunities for you to incorporate color into your office supplies.

6. Get a standing desk

Standing desks are said to increase productivity by up to 16%. If you want your employees to be more productive, then get them standing desks. There are lots of options when it comes to these types of desks, including ones that switch between sitting and standing positions so employees can mix things up a little! Standing desks come in all shapes and sizes and are a great way to make your employees healthier while also making your company more productive.

7. Bring in motivational posters

Decorating the walls of your office with motivating posters is another great way to boost productivity, especially among new workers who may not be familiar with the work environment yet. Everyone loves inspirational quotes and pictures, so this type of office decor can help keep spirits high even during tough times.

8. Incorporate plants into your office design

Plants are very calming and relaxing, especially when they’re an integral part of your office design. If you have a window-filled office, take advantage of this by adding some plants to it. People love having greenery around them, which makes this a great way to enhance the quality of air in your office.

9. Make sure there’s enough room for collaboration

Collaboration is said to increase productivity by up to 50%, so it’s very important that you make sure your employees have plenty of room for this. Create spaces where people can meet and brainstorm together, including reception areas, coffee shops, and conference rooms.

10. Don’t forget about your view

The final design tip involves your window views. If possible, try to give employees a nice view outside their office windows to keep them happy throughout the day! You don’t necessarily need to put them by the water or anything like that; even a nice scenic view of the local park will do wonders for your office environment.

Are you feeling uninspired or unmotivated at work? If so, it might not be your fault. The offices where we spend most of our time should actually make us feel more productive and creative! We’ve provided 10 design tips to help you create an office space that is conducive to creativity and productivity. Whether you’re designing a new office space or just want some tips for sprucing up the current one, these ideas are sure to give employees the energy they need to excel in their job role.

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