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Outsmart Cancer: Enlist Fruits and Vegetables in the Fight

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VegetablesFew diseases are as dreaded as cancer. Once it sets upon any man, cancer acts like an army of diminutive Zombies that eats you from within. Those who’ve faced this health condition knows fighting it is always an uphill climb. As such, preventing its advance is imperative.

It’s good to know that fruits and vegetables are available to even the chances against such a formidable enemy. A constant supply of fresh produce should throw cancer off course.

One Dangerous Enemy

The description alone of how cancer wreaks havoc to the body is enough to give anyone the creeps. The disease is capable of metastasizing, transferring from its original position inside the body to nearby tissues. Carrying damaged DNA, cancer cells go undetected by the protective mechanisms of the body.

Though survival rates of different types of cancer vary, early detection is vital. If the cancer is detected in its late stages, chances of recovery diminishes. A good example is early-stage lung cancer where patients may have 52% chance of living another five years.

The best way to fight cancer is to prevent it from developing.

Keeping the People Protected

Research has shown eating fruits and vegetables plays a central role in preventing its advances. Thanks to fruits and vegetable wholesalers, there is a continuous fresh supply of produce in many establishments across Australia.

As Simon George & Sons notes, stores make it their duty to put only the best supply on the line. This, in turn, bridges the gap between diligent farmers and their market. In short, they encourage those who grow quality fruits and veggies to produce even more. In a way, they’re doing everybody a huge favor.

As more quality fresh fruits and vegetables become available, more people get protection, the less frightening cancer becomes.

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