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Packaging Hacks to Keep in Mind

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Man working on the packing materialsWhen it comes to packaging goods, you want to make sure you do so carefully so as not to damage anything. Go above and beyond basic packaging so you can ship products with peace of mind.

The packaging tips below will help you ensure that you can ship products without the risk of damage.

Seal It

When you package anything, whether it is clothing, glass, paper, or any other product, you want to make sure you seal the package properly. You can seal the box closed using packing tape or strapping. Plastic strapping might be your best bet since it is one of the most secured methods.

A strapping hand tool can assist you with proper package sealing.

Cushion It

The last thing you want is to deliver a package to a customer with a broken product inside. Cushion the product, so it stays in place during shipping using various materials, such as bubble wrap.

Bubble wrap is cheap and lightweight, which helps keep your product in place and safe from potential damages.

Label It

Packages that you ship must have a label affixed to them. The label should identify who you are as the sender and who the receiver is by name and address. It should also feature a MaxiCode, routing code, postal bar-code, 1Z tracking number and the level of shipping service provided.

For instance, if you are shipping first class, the label must indicate that.

Send It

Finally, you need to send your package out. Make sure you do so using the proper shipping methods. You can use various ways. You may send via air, land, or even water if necessary. Choose a method that works best for you and the customer based on demand and affordability.

Packaging products properly will allow you to ensure your customers are always happy. Poorly packaged products may upset customers, which will cause you to lose them. If you lose customers, it could translate poorly when it comes to profitability.

Therefore, you should always want to make sure all products you sell are safe, secure, and packaged the right way.

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