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Painting Your Front Door: Which Color is the Best?

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Front Door ColorFront doors are extremely underrated. Many people don’t notice they have plain-looking, unattractive front doors until someone points it out to them. If you feel the need to brighten things up a bit, you don’t have to replace your front door altogether. A good paint job may do the trick.

Think of all the colors available for exterior front doors sold on the market. There are tons of shades and hues available. With such a huge variety of paints and paint colors, how can you find the right one?

Here’s what to do.

Use the color wheel

The color wheel injects some logic into choosing colors. In general, you can choose monochromatic colors (different shades of a single color), contrasting colors (three colors placed evenly apart), and complementary colors (colors opposite each other on the wheel).

Pick a color that suits your home’s style

You know what works with your home’s style and what doesn’t. Consider the materials you used, the color of the house, and the surroundings. For instance, a traditional Victorian mansion may not look good with a candy red door. An English Tudor house probably won’t get away with modern lemon yellow.

Add a modern twist to a traditional door

Having traditional two-panel doors doesn’t mean you have to stick with drab gray and brown all the time. A modern color, such as an imposing glossy black or an elegant indigo, can add an avant-garde twist to an otherwise old-fashioned style.

Go non-traditional all the way

If you really want to take your neighbors’ breaths away, paint your door with a striking color. You can go for electric blue, minty green, or fire orange, to name a few. There’s always something about a brightly colored door that makes everybody want to enter and see what’s inside.

Remember, the color of your front door has a huge effect on your visitors. Not only does it highlight the design of your house and help guests find their way to your entrance, a nicely colored front door elicits emotion. Whether you want your house to exude energy, traditional grace, or playfulness, the color of your door will help you do just that.

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