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Prepare for Your 4WD Off-road Joyride

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Four-Wheel Drive VehiclesFour-wheel drive vehicles are some of the most formidable and reliable vehicles for off-road trips. Before you hop on your 4WD, however, you need to prepare. Off-road joyrides are fun, but only as long as you are safe. Here a few things to do before your off-road trip.

Check Your Tyre’s Tread Pattern for Traction

Tread patterns on your 4WD terrain tyres are minor details that are vital to your safety in the bush. 4WDs usually come with highway terrain tyres acceptable for dirt roads and beaches. For off-road applications, you can purchase all-terrain tyres — 70 percent road and 30 percent mud. For even more aggressive off-road driving, you can purchase mud-terrain tyres for 20 percent road and 80 percent mud traction.

Skills for Off-Roading

Besides the tread patterns, you should be ready to drive off-road. Driving across rivers, on beaches, through mud, and rough terrain requires a considerable amount of skill. You can take a training course to help you improve your off-road driving skills. Training can also help you drive in such a way that you can reduce fuel consumption.

Supplies for Eventualities

Stock up on supplies for your road trip. It may be tempting to only pack snacks, but full meals can go a long way, especially in a case of a mishap or breakdown. Bring as much food, water, and fuel as you can. You will never know when you will need the extra supplies.

Weather Monitoring for Safe Driving

Check up on weather conditions and see if it is a great time for off-roading. You can monitor the weather for several weeks before your trip to track any developments. Be wary of wildlife, floods, or bush fires that could pose a danger to your safety.

Make that off-road trip a fun, but safe, adventure. Make sure that your vehicle and plans are all set so you can have that long cross country trip you’ve wanted for a long time.

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