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Privacy Landscaping Ideas for Your Property

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Several elements are essential for all properties. One of these is a fence that will not only serve as a screen for your property but also mark the demarcation of your boundary and boost its curb appeal. The material options you have for your fence are vast. Metal fences, nevertheless, guarantee the highest security since they are hard to breach and can be customized with different elements to make them impenetrable.

A wrought iron fence for your Los Angeles property is one of the most secure options. This is because of the utter strength of the material and the available handcrafted finishes that seal off its gaps and the top edge. People are, however, still apprehensive about this fencing option as they assume they will not be private. You can nonetheless benefit from the beauty and strength of a wrought iron fence and its privacy with the right landscaping. Here are some privacy landscaping options when using metal fences.

Layered Plants

If you have large yards, you can get a mix of evergreen and deciduous trees, perennials and shrubs for a natural property look while boosting the privacy of your property. The ideal choice for privacy is to layer your plants and group them in odd numbers. This will allow you to add depth to your landscape while boosting the color and texture in your landscape. The best tree alternatives are those that grow to heights of 25-60 feet as they obscure your property’s view from second stories.

Lattice Screens

This is generally a fencing option made of thin wood strips woven into decorative patterns. If you specifically want privacy with the lattice screens, opt for those with 1-0.5 inches at most. The screens are built at different height and are inexpensive. You can choose to set the screens in concrete to boost their stability and reseal the wood for the prevention of rot and mold.

Raised Garden Beds

Rather than include some plants along your metal fence, you can use raised beds for your greenery. These will boost the height of your plants to above ground level and make them tall enough to give you sufficient privacy. You can introduce some color into your landscape when using raised beds by including lower containers that grow fresh fruits such as strawberries. Raised garden beds are inexpensive though they need regular care and might take up considerable yard space.


If you want to keep peeping toms and nosy neighbors from your property instantly, a privacy sail is your best choice. The sails come in numerous shapes, colors, and sizes and are mounted on frames that are then attached to the trees, poles, or buildings in your landscape. They can, however, not be used in regions with high and medium winds and their durability will depend on the material you pick.

Metal fences do not have to mean a lack of privacy in your property. With the increase in outdoor relaxation spots in both commercial and residential properties, the above privacy ideas will significantly enhance your property’s enjoyment. Thankfully, the above ideas will boost rather than dampen the exceptional look of your metal fence.

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