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It’s Raining Bugs and Pests: Pests Invading Houses after Storms

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pestApparently, there’s no calm after the storm.

You saw it in the news—Southern California was recently hit by a storm. The winds and rains caused considerable damage to some homes in the area, but apparently the disaster was not done yet when the storm passed and the waters began receding. As people returned to their homes, they were greeted by unwanted guests: pests.

Pest Control Experts, More Needed than Ever

Pest control companies claim that since the storm, there have been numerous calls for rodent control and animal removal services.

Experts from explain that in these times when the pest control business is needed more than ever, it’s important for companies to streamline their operations to respond better to customers’ urgent needs. It’s crucial that service providers manage appointment schedules well and keep up with the barrage of phone calls.

Storms, Floods and a Tidal Wave of Pests

The recent storm caused a change in animal behavior. During the heavy rains, they were not able to go about as they normally would. When the rain passed, the hungry animals looked for food, and in this case, they found it in homes.

Pest control experts say that the most common pests likely to appear after storms are rats, skunks, squirrels, and raccoons. They damage properties by digging in yards, tearing up lawns, and creating holes in the house’s interior.

Gophers are also common after heavy storms. These pests live underground in tunnels. They dig and put dirt on the surface of the ground to build mounds. It’s recommended that homeowners contact pest control experts as soon as possible to reduce the damage to property.

When the storm left Southern California, it left homeowners with damaged properties, drenched sofas and mattresses, and unfortunately, terrible pest control issues. If you’re one of these victims, take pest control off your problem and get services from experts.

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