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video marketing

Reasons Video Marketing Makes Sense

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video marketingContent creation doesn’t revolve in text-only pieces alone; video also matters. As a matter of fact, concentrating just on text can cause you to lose precious opportunities to get noticed, generate traffic, gather leads, and close sales.

Whether you’re trying to secure a Google ranking above the fold, or strengthen your hold onto the top position, you should more than consider producing videos to achieve your web marketing goals. PR Caffeine explained, “SEO in MN is always changing. The search engines are constantly adjusting their algorithms to ensure the best content appears at the top of the search engines.”

Diminishing User Attention Span

As time goes, people are getting more impatient in reading texts over the Internet. According to the most recent numbers from the Statistic Brain Research Institute, the average attention span of an Internet user is just 8.25 seconds — that’s even shorter than the gold fish’s. This leads to higher bounce rate, which means your visitors just enter and exit your site without engaging whatsoever.

Videos make a great antidote because they tend to make your pages “sticky.” These are less stressful to consume, and therefore can glue visitors to stay on your site and prompt an action better than plain text.

Better Search Footprint

Even if you choose to upload your videos just to YouTube, a Google-owned website, you have better odds to rank higher on the keywords you’re targeting. Other than the major search engines, you also have a chance to market on video-searching sites to take your web presence to new heights.

Powerful Link Bait

Between a rich-video snippet and text-only metadata, Internet users are more likely to click on the former. The mere size of thumbnails are enough to arrest the eye and overshadow other links in the search results. If your CTR is ailing, videos can give your campaign a boost.

Your losses outweigh your gains without videos. If your current content creation strategy isn’t bearing the fruits you expect, then it might signal a change in your approach.

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