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master bedroom with geometric accent wall

Remodeling a Bedroom: Where to Start

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A bedroom remodel may be better than other remodeling ideas in your home. Instead of improving upward or outward and spending too much time and money, remodeling a bedroom is faster and easier on the budget. It’s an existing room and depending on the condition, you may not have to do too much to upgrade the space.

But why would you remodel a bedroom?

For one, remodeling a master bedroom may help maximize space and make it multifunctional. For another, an upgrade can modernize a tired old room and make it more appealing to stay in. Both of which are always a selling point to buyers if you’re considering putting your home on the market.

But is it going to be expensive?

How Much Does it Cost to Upgrade a Bedroom?

The cost of a standard bedroom remodel can run from $4,000 for a smaller project to $40,000 for a bigger project. The average cost is about $20,000. These costs cover payments for materials, labor, construction and inspection.

Not exactly cheap, even for the smaller project, like repainting, adding windows or doors and new flooring. What you spend on this remodel also hinges on your bedroom design.

If you’re going to stick to its original look, not much work is necessary. Maybe you’ll to refinish the floors, tidy up the layout, bring in new bedroom furniture and improve the lighting. But if you’re looking to revitalize the room by trying out a new design, like from traditional country to full on Scandinavian or shabby chic to art deco, you may need a bit more wiggle room in the budget.

A larger project may also mean turning your old basement into a master suite for in-laws who may be staying a long while. That means building a bathroom and egress points, installing an HVAC and making sure the space is not just habitable but inviting and calming.

Bedroom Remodeling Ideas: How Do I Renovate My Bedroom?

bedroom in dark tones with headboard
Photo by Adelle Bruton on Unsplash

Before you start hauling out the bed, dressers, accessories and all the other stuff you’ve got in the primary bedroom, plan the remodel.

Consider the following the questions:

  • How much can I spend on the bedroom remodel?
  • What don’t I like about my current bedroom?
  • Is there a major issue, like noise from the outside, not enough storage or privacy?
  • is the bedroom too dark or too tight?
  • How boring is the bedroom design?

Once you’ve figured out the answers, come up with sound ideas that’ll solve a problem or match your design preference.

Rethink the layout

One of the best bedroom remodel ideas improves the layout. Even a small space can seem larger if it’s open and provides for better flow. Try looking at your bedroom as though it’s a living room, then you’ll be able to place the bed and furniture into distinct zones. A better bedroom layout turns even the most cramped space into a mini suite.

Build a walk-in closet

It may not be a top drawer for most homebuyers, but a good-sized walk-in closet appeals to second-time buyers and couples. It’s one of the more sought-after home features for these buyers.

Add upholstered seating

Sometimes the space at the foot of bed feels like dead space. Turn that dead space functional or purposeful by placing an upholstered chair or love seat. You could use it while waiting for your spouse or partner to get dressed or put on shoes. Or you could just use it as a lounge area, to read or have a glass of wine at the end of a stressful day.

Try an eye catching headboard

A standout bedroom captures attention as soon as you enter the room. And an eye catching headboard would do the trick if it went up to the ceiling or were panoramic; if the headboard were upholstered in dreamy velvet or it features intricate details. The best-looking headboard can turn into a statement piece.

Think about an accent wall

When renovating a bedroom with limited budget, a focal point elevates the space without the high cost. An accent wall can be that focal point.

Some budget-friendly ideas for an accent wall are:

    • Framing the bed
  • Installing a graphic wall paper
  • Paint the ceiling to create a contrast

Instead of a wallpaper, consider a new paint scheme

Blank walls can be a good focus in a bedroom renovation. You’ve two options: install a wallpaper with prints or design that’ll match your interior style or paint it. A wallpaper can be difficult to install; the paper has to lay flat and panels must align to create a seamless look. Unless you’re something of a DIY whiz, its installation is sometimes better done by pros.

Paint may be easier to do on your own. But you must choose a color scheme that suits your style. If you prefer white walls because you’d like cottage beach feel, try it. If you want to bring a bit of exoticism and global appeal in your bedroom, look to Morocco or Greece for warm or bold colors.

Revitalize old flooring

Improving your floors is one of the more beneficial ways to renovate a bedroom. People like new and quality floors. It is, after all, the first surface you feel when you wake up. So it must also be comfortable and easy to maintain.

Some of your options include:

  • Bamboo flooring
  • Ceramic or stone flooring
  • Laminate flooring
  • Cork flooring
  • Hardwood flooring

If your old flooring still looks pretty good and you haven’t got the cash to replace it, refinish it. To spruce up the bedroom, thrown on some area rugs.

How to Remodel a Small Master Bedroom

full length mirror and side table in small bedroom
Photo by Thanos Pal on Unsplash

What happens when your primary bedroom feels more like a kid’s room? You can still improve it without knocking down walls or doing extensive construction to add more square footage. With a few changes and some creativity, you can make a small room feel larger than it looks.

Take advantage of height

Emphasize the substantial height of the bedroom ceiling. Do it with curtains that go up to the ceiling and fall to the floor. You could also play up the height by getting a four-poster bed, or more cheaply, hanging a chandelier. These things draw your attention away from the cramped space to the interesting pieces in the room.

Get rid of clutter with smart storage

You can get more space when you have the right storage in your bedroom. Your bed frame can have drawers or you can stow baskets under the bed.

Use mirrors to create an illusion of space

A well-placed mirror can bounce off light, which tends to create an illusion of space. It’s one of the more cheaper bedroom remodeling ideas to apply.

Accessorize even without large-scale bedroom furniture

If you can’t put in a large armchair in the corner or a nice sofa at the foot of the bed, accessorize with textured and colorful textiles, art and pillows. These can provide the much-needed style in a small primary bedroom.

Try bare white walls

Bedroom remodels can be simplified by not doing or adding too much. And a bare white wall not only brightens and opens up a cramped space, it also keeps your room restful.

Get Creative with Your Bedroom Design

Play with paint colors. Maybe go with pendant light instead of taking up more space with side tables. Make the decor as elegant or as quirky as you prefer. Whatever you decide, make sure your bedroom remodel ideas can last a long while and keep you rested and comfortable in the space.

If the budget is too limited, remodel the space one section a time without making it disruptive for the rest.

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