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Over and Over, Again and Again: Repetition Reading For Better Learning

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ReadingAs a parent, it’s tiring when your children demand that you read Cinderella for the nth time. Reading the story for the fifth time seems ridiculous, but your child actually benefits from it. When they hear you read the story multiple times, the words tend to stick.

Repetition promotes development in children’s literacy skills. When you keep in mind the benefits of repetition, you won’t mind reading the fairy tale for the hundredth time.

R.I.C. Publications noted that reading resources are abundant in numbers; parents only need to be resourceful. The first step to improving your child’s literacy is showering them with reading materials.

The Importance of Repetition

Repetition plays an important role in developing the fundamentals of reading. This method establishes consistency and routine. With a regular routine, kids will become more familiar with the basics of reading. When they’re more comfortable, they will learn quickly and strengthen their reading skills.

Repetitive reading promotes better comprehension, as well. Reading the text more provides children with a better understanding of the story. Kids will occasionally pause when they come across difficult words. When a reader repeats a passage, they begin to understand the context better.

Increase Your Child’s Confidence

Better comprehension and fluency builds up a child’s literary confidence. Reading frequently familiarises the child with the text, making it easier to read. Kids with reading struggles make use of their newfound confidence boost by encouraging themselves to read more.

Reading is an inevitable part of schooling. Training your child to learn now gives them the academic advantage.

Enforce the Basics

Parents should be actively involved in enforcing basic reading fundamentals in their children. When the kids see the parents actively participating in reading activities, they will join in on the fun. Reading with them gives you the chance to personally oversee their progress, as well.

The next time your child climbs up on your lap with a book, don’t turn them away. Instead, pick up that book and read those rhymes again and again to help them become successful readers.

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