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How Your Retail Store Can Avoid Being Targeted by Thieves

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As a business owner, you are always looking for ways to protect your store from theft. There are many different ways but some of these will work better for specific kinds of retail businesses than others. Here is a list of ways to fend off thieves that you can employ for your store.

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1. Install security cameras and sensors

One of the best ways to protect your store from theft is to install security cameras. Many companies offer commercial and residential security systems that use advanced technology for your safety. If you have a problem with petty theft, this could be enough to stop it in its tracks because anybody caught on camera will face serious legal troubles if they are apprehended. You can also install sensors that are triggered by motion or vibration, which will help detect any attempted break-ins at closed hours.

2. Hire security guards

Security guards are another good way to protect your store from theft. These professionals will physically stand watch over your business and keep an eye out for anybody who looks suspicious or dangerous. They’ll also discourage any would-be thieves with their presence alone which is why they’re often employed at big-box retailers. You can also get a guard dog to keep an eye on your store and scare away any would-be thief who steps foot near it. Just make sure that your guard dog is trained enough for the job.

3. Educate employees about how to identify thieves

Talk about store security with the people who are most often there. Your employees are in daily contact with customers, so they can learn pretty quickly which ones are up to no good. Smart retail employees will be able to tell whether or not somebody is shoplifting by spotting suspicious behaviors like bagging items in their pockets, distracting fellow shoppers in order to steal from them, or concealing items when they’re not supposed to. Armed with this knowledge, your employees will be able to keep an eye out for thieves and call the police if somebody dangerous is spotted even during busy times of the day.

4. Lock up expensive products and cash registers when not in use

If you’re a retailer who deals with high-value merchandise, it’s best to put expensive items behind the counter where they can be locked up and accessed only by your employees or customers after transactions have been completed. This is an extra precaution but it could mean stopping a big theft in its tracks. Cash registers are also potential targets for thieves who will attempt to break into them or access them through more covert means. Make sure that you lock up cash registers when they’re not in use, especially at night when nobody is around.

5. Have good communication with the local authorities

To protect your store from theft, it’s essential that you have good communication with the local police. Let them know about any suspicious people who come around your business and inform them of any notable trends that seem to be affecting local retail crime like gangs or professional thieves. The more information you can supply, the better chance you’ll have at stopping potential thieves.

6. Get to know your customers

Another good way to protect your store from theft is to get to know your customers. If you make an extra effort to welcome them and learn their names, they’ll feel more comfortable buying from you instead of taking their chances with another retail outlet. Knowing your customers can also help you identify any troublemakers or thieves who might be a concern for your business.

7. Keep cash transactions limited

One of the most effective ways to protect your store from theft is by limiting cash transactions. For instance, you can keep your registers open during busy hours to make it easier for customers who are in a rush to find what they need and pay without much trouble. However, this also means that anybody with ill intent will have the chance to grab money from the register while nobody’s watching. This is why it’s best if you offer your customers the option of using credit cards instead. That way, thefts can be identified and stopped much more quickly if somebody does try to steal from you.

8. Keep sensitive areas like bathrooms and dressing rooms well lit

If you’re a retailer who deals with expensive clothing or doesn’t have good lighting in certain areas of your store, you need to fix this as soon as possible. Thieves will be able to go into the dressing rooms or bathrooms and take advantage of darker corners where they can easily conceal items without being noticed by anyone else.

Retailers can take a few simple precautions to help protect their stores from theft. By educating employees about how to identify thieves, locking up expensive products and cash registers when not in use, having good communication with the local authorities, getting to know their customers, and limiting cash transactions, retailers can make it more difficult for thieves to steal from them. Additionally, well-lit areas are less likely to be targeted by thieves.

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