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Retail Theft in Lincoln

Retail Theft: 3 Fascinating Facts You Never Heard Of

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Retail Theft in LincolnThe police arrests thousands of Americans for shoplifting every year. While these shoplifters have unique motivations for stealing retail merchandise, the act is nonetheless inexcusable. This is why it’s a serious crime in many states, including Illinois.

Although it’s straightforward to spell out shoplifting, there are some interesting facts about it that you’ve probably never heard of. Here are some of them:

Kleptomania Isn’t an Excuse for Stealing

Is shoplifting still a crime if you’re powerless to fight the urge of stealing? This is the ultimate dilemma of countless kleptomaniacs in the country. They have a mental condition that forces them to be a criminal.

Psychologists say that people suffering from kleptomania should get medical help, not criminal punishments. The court, however, thinks otherwise. In general, kleptomaniacs don’t receive acquittal because of their condition — which is a sad reality.

Fortunately, an experienced criminal defense attorney in Lincoln, IL knows when to use it as a strategy. If you live with this condition and feel remorse over stealing, your lawyer might strongly consider it as your defense.

Stores Intentionally Let Kids and Seniors Get Away

Shoplifting excuses no one, except children and the elderly. Stores know that confronting the former is rather immature, while arresting the latter is bad press. They need to study the situation thoroughly before acting, but usually turn a blind eye if the loss isn’t that significant.

Loss Prevention Personnel Are Usually Out of Line

Retail stores usually have a loss prevention department to stop shoplifting. These officers are bound by rules to avoid harassing honest customers and prevent lawsuits. However, there are times when they make poor judgment calls that humiliate innocent individuals.

If you’re wrongly arrested for shoplifting due to any lapses or misconducts by this team, your solid defense could concentrate on it.

Regardless of the item’s value, theft is theft. Legal experts, though, know there’s more to stealing that what meets the eye.

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