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horse float

Rides for Your Equine: Simple Tips When Buying a Horse Float

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When buying a horse float, you need to look into every aspect of the machinery and select a manufacturer who’ll give you the quality you’re looking for. Floats with steel chassis and fibreglass fittings are preferable for durability and strength.

horse float

First, you should make a list of important factors such as the type, safety aspects, and technical details that determine the float’s quality. Decide whether you need a single float for short journeys or the larger trailer types that come with full accommodation facilities for longer travels.

For brand new horse floats

Check a few things to confirm you and your horse’s safety. Rear latches should fit properly and not rattle. There should be no sharp pieces of metal jutting out such as uneven mudguards and bars. These may injure your horse. There should be no gaps in areas where the horse’s hoofs can get stuck. Lastly, make sure that gaps are placed between rails closer to the ramp.

For used horse floats

If you‘re purchasing a used float, inspect it thoroughly for rusted areas which can corrode and get damaged permanently. The braking mechanism should be in complete working condition. Also, it should be strong enough to carry the weight of the horse float.

If you’ve found the ideal float, check that everything is functioning well. After all, you wouldn’t want to risk the safety of your horse and spend money on things you could have avoided.

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