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Rooms and Spaces Every Business Office Should Have

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Small business owners who are new to the game might not realize what is necessary when setting up their office. Without these important rooms and spaces, all operations will be severely limited.

Industrial Storage Space for Office Supplies

Office supplies can quickly become a hot commodity if more employees are added or if you have more products that are selling faster than anticipated. To avoid running out of paper clips and ink cartridges, any office should have a designated storage space where office supplies can be safely kept for easy access later on down the line. Depending on the size of your business, you may need as little as one shelf in a cabinet or as much as an entire building for supplies. In addition to providing safe storage space, some companies also rent out storage space in case your business needs a place to store larger items that come up infrequently.

A Place for the Receptionist to Greet Visitors

Whether you have one or a hundred employees, all businesses need a designated area where potential clients and customers can be greeted upon entry into the office. This must be an area where anyone entering through the front door will be able to see when they walk in, so visitors do not feel overlooked when they enter. In addition to being visible from when people walk in, this special room should also have comfortable seating along with amenities such as water and coffee for guests who plan on staying longer than expected.

Chapter Storage and Meeting Room for Company Manuals and Documents

Along with supplies like paperclips and ink cartridges, all businesses should also have a designated area where manuals and documents are kept for easy reference. The room can be as simple as one large filing cabinet or as extensive as a whole building for storing easels and boards. Whatever the size of your office or business, this special meeting space must be easily accessible and always up to date with the most recent versions of documents.

A Room Set Aside For Employees to Take Their Breaks in

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All offices need a break room set aside exclusively for employees to take their lunch breaks or five-minute mental health breaks when needed. In addition to having tables and chairs for everyone’s use, this special place should also have places to store belongings, such as backpacks, coats, bags, and purses, so employees do not have to leave their things in the office when they go on break. In addition to being a place for employees to relax and take breaks, this room should also have vending machines with snacks and drinks, so everyone can get what they want without leaving the building.

A Private Meeting Room for Conferences

No matter how small or large your business is, having some designated space where all employees can use a conference center is a necessity. This meeting room must be private from any other offices within your business building, and it must also be equipped with phone lines and WiFi access in case you need to make calls while you’re working or if you need internet access for presentations or training videos.

Comfortable Cubicles For Employees Who Work Alone

Whether you have one employee or one hundred, having a designated workspace for everyone is important. If your business has more than just yourself as an employee, chances are there will be employees who work alone in cubicles with little human contact throughout the day. To make these employees feel less isolated, their cubicles should contain comfortable seating and desks.

IT Department Space

All businesses need an area dedicated to the IT department. This room should be small and located away from any entrances or hallways where employees can easily walk by, but it does not have to be as private as a closet. In addition to being near electricity, this room needs to have internet access so all employees can easily contact the IT department when they require assistance with their devices. A proper server room for UPS and WiFi routers is also a requirement within this space.

The Company Cleaning Closet

No matter how small or large your business is, if you have more than one employee, chances are there will be a need for a designated area where cleaning supplies are stored. This special closet should be separate from the break room, and it should contain all things needed to clean the floors, walls, windows, and furniture of your office. In addition to having buckets, floor cleaners, brushes, and mops, this closet should also have a vacuum cleaner and a broom, as well as gloves and masks for employees who do the cleaning.

No matter how big or small your business is, it’s important to have designated spaces for all the different tasks that need to be carried out. By having these essential rooms and spaces, you’ll make it easier for employees to do their jobs, and you’ll minimize the chances of any critical tasks being neglected.

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