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Save Some Skin: Is Your Job Ruining Your Skin?

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Your job is messing with your bodyStress clock, making you more anxious and possible even less attractive. That’s not all, though, some aspects of the job may even be causing your to age faster. Over time, you will notice wrinkles, age spots, and loose skin. For some jobs, it is even worse—it can heighten the risk for skin cancer.

Medical practitioners say that greater exposure to ultra violet radiation leads to skin that will age much quicker. If you are constantly in a dry workspace, this could also add up to quick aging. Most dermatologists recommend laser for pigmentation, an effective treatment to remove age spots, wrinkles, and signs of sun damage.

Read on to find out if your job causes skin to age faster and things you can do to curb aging:

Office Workers

You probably know that severe exposure to sunlight could trigger skin cancer, but did you know that the lack thereof could do the same? One particular study found that employees who stayed indoors all day are more likely to have melanoma. The experts said that the employees have lower vitamin D levels because only UVA rays enter the glass windows, while UVB rays that contain Vitamin D and help prevent cancer cells are blocked.

To curb this, researchers recommend getting a “proper dose of sun” to increase Vitamin D levels. Consult your dermatologist so they know about your unique working condition for a more accurate diagnosis.

Truck and Taxi Drivers

People who work in the transportation industry are also at risk for skin disorders as dangerous UV rays enter vehicle windows. They could also develop signs of aging like wrinkles and loose skin earlier on, especially on the left side of their face.

If you are a truck or taxi driver, apply sunscreen before hitting the road. Make sure it has an SPF 30 to inhibit aging and development of skin cancer.


Firefighters have to deal with fumes and flames constantly. This damages the skin cell DNA and heightens the risk for skin cancer. Make sure to clean gear like gloves and helmets after shifts. Remember to keep these gears and other equipment as well in their proper storage.

Is your job ruining your skin? Whatever industry you are in, you can take simple steps such as applying sunscreen and wearing protective, appropriate gear to prevent skin problems.

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