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Scan Yourself: The Popularity of Barcode Tattoos

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barcodeBarcode tattoos are becoming trendy. The most popular body parts for this kind of tattoo are the neck and the wrist. Some people believe that the barcode, which is a unique set of lines, numbers and letters, is a symbol of a person’s individuality. Others see the barcode tattoo as a statement against capitalism and the culture of commodities. stated that barcode scanners are instrumental in the efficiency of business processes, such as tracking prices, products and stock levels. A store’s computer system has a recording of all the barcodes in the store and a store’s scanner only detects barcodes that have a data in the system. Conceptually, when you place a barcode tattoo in front of a scanner, the scanner will not beep.

Precision is the Key

However, some tattoo artists developed a way to make a precise barcode tattoo that scanners can detect. Precision is important in making barcode tattoos, as they should be a replica of barcodes that you see in stores. Thus, recently, there has been an increasing demand for barcode tattoos that are detectable by scanners.

Temporary Only

Detectable barcode tattoos are not appropriate to put in a body permanently. As an individual grows older, his or her body parts expand and the tattoos on it change, too. Barcodes are a combination of black and white bars. When a black ink expands too much, it can damage the white areas, and a ruined barcode tattoo will no longer be the same as the barcodes you see in stores.

Since these barcode tattoos are temporary, you can easily take them off when you have lost your penchant for barcode designs, or tattoos in general.

Scanner’s Beep

All scanners should be able to read a temporary barcode tattoo. However, some businesses’ scanners only recognize barcodes in their inventory. When you flash your temporary barcode tattoo in front of a scanner, the scanner will beep but it will say that it does not understand your “custom phrase”.  However, the fun part is still there because your barcode tattoo was able to make the scanner sound. 

Temporary barcode tattoos can be a source of fun for you and your friends. Thus, in case you want a new tattoo, a detectable barcode tattoo is not a bad idea after all.

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