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Skin Care, Manila Style

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skinSkin care clinics are run by specialists known as dermatologists. They have the education, training, and experience to treat a multitude of skin concerns like rashes from allergies, patches, unsightly birthmarks, skin aging,acne, and infections. Metro Manila is home to a growing number of skin care clinics catering to both men and women.

Choosing a clinic

While it may be challenging to decide on the top skin clinic or derma care center in Metro Manila, it can become easier if you choose the one that works for you. A bit of research on the kind of treatments you need will help. Here are a few pointers.

–        One of the best ways to find a good skin care clinicis to get references from you family doctor.

–        You can also ask your friends, family members, and colleagues.

–        A good clinic has a good reputation.

–        You can also browse through the yellow pages and online directories to find a list of skin clinics in Manila.

–        Once you have the list of potential clinics, call them for an appointment or a free consultation. Meet the skin specialist to understand the varied aspects of their skin care center.


Many derma clinics offer free consultation. Sometimes they also offer free trials of new products or services. Knowing the skin condition that you would like to get treatment for will help narrow down your choices and make your consultation easier and faster. This will help you decide more quickly.

Before deciding on a treatment, however, it is wise to take some time to think about it. Don’t rush into getting a treatment, especially if it is time-consuming, costly, or invasive. Decide whether it is absolutely necessary.

During the consultation, learn everything you can from the dermatologist about the skin care treatment. Ask if they have performed this procedure. Most dermatologists would show pictures of their work.

Lastly, ask about side-effects and costs. The costlier procedures are typically available in several payment terms. Ask your dermatologist about these terms, and check how long the effects will last.

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