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Smoking Healthy: Vaping and E-Cigs

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E-cigarettesWith the growing awareness of cigarettes causing cancer, many people now attempt to switch to e-cigarettes. Not only are e-cigarettes less harmful than the actual cigarettes, you can also use them with herbal, organic or flavored refills for a healthier experience. compiled a few things about e-cigarettes that can help you make the transition to vaping:

•    Easier on the environment. You do not actually need a lighter to light your cigarette, there is no smoke produced when you smoke and there is no production of carbon monoxide either. Essentially, your vaping the e-cigarette is completely environment friendly.
•    While many cartridges have liquid nicotine, you can also choose the healthier option of buying cartridges without nicotine. This allows you to have the smoking experience, with none of the harmful side effects.
•    Vaping e-cigarettes is definitely easier on your pocket as well. Since e-cigarettes run on lithium-ion batteries, you actually never run out of cigarettes. All you need to do is recharge the battery. Buying replacement cartridges also costs less amounts of money in the long run.
•    Since e-cigarettes only produce vapor, it also reduces the dangers to people around you by removing second-hand smoke.
•    Research shows that vaping e-cigarettes can help people reduce consumption of cigarettes in the long run. Switching to e-cigarettes is usually the first step people take when they begin to give up their habit of smoking. Since a number of cartridges actually have nicotine, the switch helps them reduce the amount of nicotine that enters their system.

While experts opine that vaping e-cigarette devices may also have certain health effects, these effects are fewer (and less considerable) when compared to smoking actual cigarettes. When vaped in moderation, e-cigarettes can be the ideal way for you to continue smoking, without having to face the serious health effects in the future.

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