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Split or Ducted? Which Air Conditioning Fits You

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Man fixing the air conditionerFor any modern household, good air conditioning is an essential part of your home. Homeowners often choose between two types of air conditioning: split and ducted air conditioning.

Split air conditioning has an indoor fan or fan coil unit that distributes the cool air into the room. Ducted air conditioning distributes cool air through vents and ducts. These ducts could be hidden in your drywall, or you could cover them.

Split-type or Ducted?

Installation Costs

Split-type air conditioners are less expensive than ducted ones because they are smaller and cost less. You could choose to have it in one room and add other units later. Split air conditioners have two major for installation: Refrigerant pipes and labour.

Ducted air conditioners have vents and ducts you need to place in your ceiling. This feature makes ducted air conditioning unit prices a bit higher than split-types. Ducted air conditioners have three components: refrigerant pipes, ducting materials, and labour. The experts at Conduct Air Conditioning explain that it is an extensive project because it involves modifying your ceiling with the vents and ducts, while also putting in the wiring you need for your thermostat and HVAC unit.

Cooling Capacity

If there is just one room to be cooled, you should opt for the split type of air conditioning because of the high installation cost of ducted air conditioning.

If you want to cool several rooms in your house, a ducted system is best because it can distribute cold air from one unit into several rooms and control each area with a thermostat.


Choosing the right air conditioning system for your home depends on a lot of factors, but if you have an idea of what you want and what you could afford, the choice is easy. Secure a quotation from a credible HVAC contractor and choose the one that suits you.

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